M2 Max MacBook Pro Review: Back to Bumps!

M2 Max MacBook Pro Review: Back to Bumps!

It’s an (impressive) bump instead of a quantum leap.
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Laptop provided by Apple for review.



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22 Responses

  1. Joel Conolly says:

    Those intros are getting more and more fun each video. Like literally every intros and title screens are unique to the product it showcases. As if it was having fun and yet still feels professional. Kinda somewhat reminds me of the classic intros of you used to have.

  2. Dixit Manani says:

    Man these intros are super crazy! Kudos to the team for hours if not days of planning and execution to render out the finest of intros!!

    • TheEncryptedPartition says:

      @Jun Rosamura it’s sad to see these things being appreciated rather than the information itself. The world is driven by the pretty intros, transitions, effects, rather than the quality of the content. Might as well give a new meaning to the word quality in the Oxford dictionary

    • Jun Rosamura says:

      Ugh, I swear yall just come here to watch the intros…and even this one was nothing special.

    • H L says:

      One of the extremely few times that I have rewind an intro three times.

  3. Deon Wade says:

    Love the vid. The most disappointing thing to me is just not having Face ID, it would be an easy competitor for Windows Hello since that’s usually super quick (for me at least). Different platforms and whatnot, but just a missed opportunity, unless they’re planning to adapt some island type of notch like on the 14 pro series, it doesn’t sound super useful, but might be a possibility

  4. Jacob Elias says:

    It’s an honor to have grown up together following tech and watching your videos. They just keep getting better and better

  5. Auto Focus says:

    That intro felt like an apple event. Great job MKBHD team!

  6. Quinn Lee says:

    the film proccess behind your videos is amazing. Im just getting started in videography and photography, and seeing how clean the scenes flow from one to the next, and seemingly flawless transtions are truly something I aspire to be able to do in my own way. thats for being an Insportation 🙂

  7. Omar Serpas says:

    Been following and watching for years.. the level of quality in production, intro, overall video process is amazing and still gets me. Mad Respect to the whole team!

  8. What The Dude says:

    Awesome review !

  9. Alex says:

    We’re all gonna comment about it, but the pure fire in that opening and the level of work is incredible. Love following this channel and seeing it grow. From the college days and Cheerios boxes to robots and Teslas 👏👏

    • Tele'gram me👉marquesbrownlee002 says:

      congratulations👆👆 you’ve won🎉 some package let’s talk with the 👆 above name 👆👆👆 only one on telegram…….

  10. BoomTharis says:

    That robot intro ❤

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