M83 – Do It, Try It (Audio)

M83 – Do It, Try It (Audio)

M83, aka Anthony Gonzalez, announces the highly anticipated details of his forthcoming full-length album, ‘Junk’ out April 8. The announce comes with a brand new single ‘Do It, Try It’.

Subscribe to the M83 channel for the full offical video for ‘Do It, Try It’, coming soon: http://m83.it/youtubeYo

See the full track listing and sign up for some ‘Junk’ Mail here: http://m83.it/junkYo

Playlist ‘Do It Try It’ on Spotify: http://m83.it/buysomejunkYo/spotify
Pre-order ‘Junk’ on iTunes and get ‘Do It Try It’ now: http://m83.it/buysomejunkYo/itunes
More options to listen and pre-order here: http://m83.it/buysomejunkYo

Subscribe to the M83 channel for some ‘Junk’ videos: http://m83.it/youtubeYo

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Do It, Try It Lyrics

Listen to the sound of a new tomorrow 
Take over my dreams 
Walk into the feeling  

A dance 
On repeat 
A trance 
On a hard beat 

Listen to the sound 
Like a shout in the night
Moving at the tempo 
Of a broken song 

Listen to the sound
Of a broken heart
Calling for a sign of love 
Heal me up
Turn me on

Heal me up
Back me down
Turn me on
I’m alone

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20 Responses

  1. Conor Ellis says:

    I’m sorry I just don’t like it

  2. Dov Urie-Lanman says:

    Will we ever get a Digital Shades vol. 2?

  3. Andrew Maher says:

    I hope the album doesn’t turn out to be junk

  4. Zylork0122 says:

    Welcome back to the world, M83.

  5. David F says:

    lol this sucks

  6. Vincent Power says:

    I’m intrigued.

  7. Nick ping says:

    The beginning sounds has a very old rag time feel to me. It’s alright but
    will need to listen to the rest of the album to decide.

  8. Shadows says:

    puppy monkey baby

  9. Sushi Guardian says:

    This is JUNK! ?

  10. Rainor says:

    In this comment section: people who cannot handle change

  11. Alex Gutierrez says:


  12. Sam Springs says:

    Can him and Marina collab already???

  13. Stubber Stubbalicious says:

    what is this?

  14. epicsauceness100 says:

    I wasn’t crazy about the start, but then the beat picks up and the
    instrumentals really kick in…
    Magic is had.

  15. Ruben Echeverria says:

    ¡Que vivaz!

  16. Marcella Irwin says:

    I’m just glad there’s finally a new song

  17. ValenzDesigns says:

    Definitely a different sound from their last album, but I think it’s a nice
    variation that works to give us a glimpse of what direction M83 might be
    headed towards. I can appreciate the progress and “experiments” an artist
    makes with their sounds and style.

  18. Romain Prevost says:

    he|, marvelous! dream control what do you think, guys…

  19. The Electrocist says:

    It’s like he collaborated with Tim Heidecker and Eric Warheim

  20. Pikachu Sam says:

    Today’s my birthday!