Mac DeMarco Tries to Stay Chill While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Mac DeMarco Tries to Stay Chill While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Musician, hashtag expert, and Canadian icon Mac DeMarco may be the most laid-back Hot Ones guest of all time. But how chill can you be in the face of Sean Evans’ hot questions and even hotter wings? Find out as DeMarco gets pummeled by Scovilles and discusses important matters ranging from his distaste for tour buses, to the exact reason why lighting a fart on fire is funny. Bonus: He brought his mom!

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20 Responses

  1. Yoshiya Abiko says:

    Where’s the episode with rae & ghost??

  2. Fat Slob says:

    finally a guest who cleans the wing.

  3. Jason Cox says:

    i’ve been a mac fan for years, and i can’t tell if he’s the coolest fucker on the planet or the strangest.

  4. Coddy Copeland says:

    Pls get Hannibal Buress or Ethan Klein.

  5. Dom's Sketch Cast says:

    That pimple got more red the hotter the sauces got

  6. studmuffin2541 says:

    Tim and Eric would be hilarious on here!!!!!

  7. 40ozkillah says:

    Now Mac Demarco? Sean, you continue to outdo yourself this season. Thank you.

  8. Body Soap says:

    Just gained so much more respect for Mac Demarco after hearing his standpoint on social media. My mans

  9. Steven Tsunami says:

    I have no idea who this guy is, but I immediately love him.

  10. Shavone Granville says:

    this guy is so Canadian i love it

  11. Ean Ibarra says:


  12. redniet says:

    “Success, happiness, I think that no human really understands how to achieve happiness. If you set goals for yourself, maybe you reach them, maybe you don’t, if you take baby steps that you don’t know what’s around the corner, perhaps being happy on the journey rather than at the destination is more easily achieved. Well, my nose hurts.” – Mac DeMarco 2017

  13. nathanjohntippett says:

    Mac and H3 need to collaborate

  14. Roy Rogan says:

    This guy, one of the few guest to eat damn near the entire wing for every wing, not for the first two and then take 1 bite.  #1 for wing consumption

  15. Liam Early says:

    Tyler the creator dammit

  16. Ivan Sarafanov says:

    My man Mac showing everyone how to clear the meat off the bone!

  17. bitch ,you're dead says:

    this might be hands down the best show online

  18. Ry666 says:

    Joe Rogan! 🙂

  19. CeilingCat says:

    Never heard of Mac DeMarco, but I’ll check out his music, cuz he seems like a real chill dude

  20. Jeff Rendered says:

    I don’t know who Mac DeMarco is, but I love the guy now! Fuck hipster food trends!!!!!

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