Mac Miller Dead at 26 of Apparent Drug Overdose | TMZ News

Mac Miller Dead at 26 of Apparent Drug Overdose | TMZ News

Mac Miller died Friday of an apparent overdose … TMZ has learned.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Mac was found Friday at around noon at his San Fernando Valley home and was pronounced dead at the scene. We’re told authorities were alerted by a male friend who placed a 911 call from Mac’s home.


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98 Responses

  1. 876 Girl says:

    Right now there are several videos being recorded about how Arianna sacrificed Mac, just wait for it .

  2. Vince Paul Francisco says:

    Wow so many celebrity deaths in 2018. This is all Thanos’ fault

  3. Jae KiDd says:

    RIP *MAC* πŸ˜–πŸ˜– this sucks why we loose all the good rappers … People need to stop disrespecting him calling Ariana Grande ex this man was well known before her & great on his own

  4. Rein 18 says:

    Ok something is s seriously going on….too many of these. Wtf…..

    • techas says:

      Rein 18 it’s called a drug epidemic. It’s been going on for a while now. You must’ve been living under a rock.

  5. Levi Ross says:

    Meanwhile Ari is getting eaten out…

  6. Riceman says:

    My deepest deepest condomlences

  7. Nolan Olson says:


  8. ThaGTAWay says:

    Don’t do drugs kids

  9. Emily Rodrigues says:

    First XXX then almost Demi and now Mac?? 😭 i cant

  10. OhMyGulay says:

    So could I start a civil discussion? I know you can’t “blame” Ariana Grande for his death but in some way I kinda do. Someone’s emotions and the way they handle it is not someone else’s responsibility. So the way he coped and the way he reacted is not Ariana’s fault. BUT at the same time she broke up with the dude and hopped onto another relationship like nothing. Again it’s her life, she lives it the way she wants to live her life. BUT the second she gets into that relationship it’s lovely gushy and imo the most cringe public signs of affection I’ve ever seen. They show A LOT of their lovey dovey stuff on social media, in my own opinion a lot too much, but again it’s her life to live the way she wants to. BUT having interviews and telling people that the two of them knew they wanted to marry each other the moment they met (around the time Ariana started dating Mac) is kinda effed up to say or publize even if it’s her life to live and share. Like it would be effed up for Trump to talk about loving the AR-15 and how awesome the gun is because it’s a hobby of his and it’s his life to live right after a school shooting knowing darn well a victim of the shooting would see a glimpse of him admiring his gun on TV. I can’t blame her for his death but I do attribute a large part of his depression to her and how careless, as a generally sensible human being, she seems to be for someone she “loved”. And it’s that depression that why he struggled with drugs a lot more post relationship. But that’s my opinion what’s yours?

  11. Peter Ortiz says:

    Say what you want but Ariana is definitely ONE of the reasons this happened

  12. Michael Rivera says:

    I’m upset the media is bringing Ariana into this situation because it clearly had nothing to do with his death. It wasn’t linked to any heartbreak or of his ex. His usage of the song meant he already was planning for his death. His substance abuse was uncontrollable, but no one anyone blamed his close circle of friends/management. If anyone is blaming anything on his death, it was his lack of true support and misguidance from the surrounding people he encountered everyday. It’s unspeakable on how misinterpreted this whole situation really is. It’s creating drama against fans and making people express their grief in violence and hatred. This needs to stop so we can mourn his death on only Mac Miller.

    RIP Mac Miller
    Music Genius

    • Mike Miller says:

      Michael Rivera it wasn’t linked to heartbreak? Maybe heartbreak caused or worsened depression symptoms in him and then that lead to him ending his own life . Depression is a real thing

    • pizza pizza says:

      Completely agree, why don’t they blame the people he sees and hangs out with everyday. Ariana isn’t even in his life anymore.

    • NINEtoFIVE FIVEtoNINE says:

      Mike Miller maybe he just wanted to get high

  13. Moaz says:

    Idk why people don’t understand this one simple thing: a breakup itself is something you can recover from. It’s their thoughtless and selfish doings AFTER the breakup and hence the damning revelation of how they were actually like instead of the person you fell in love with that rips u apart into irreparable pain.

    • pikachien says:

      Whatever bad things she said… fuck her and everything but is she the only person in the world to do that? Do you see every person killing them self for something like it? I don’t know their relationship but it is not okay to have your girlfriend or husband as your source of happiness, and maybe she didn’t want to deal with a drug addict anymore? She didn’t have to stay since she is not her mother, sucks she says those things? For sure, rude and bitchy but overdose for that? Nah he maybe had bigger issues he was dealing with or maybe he just did it for fun and died, we would never know so better just pray for him to Rest In Peace and for people to stop choicing drugs when we all know is not the answer and frequently things end up like this

    • Moaz says:

      Science says being heartbroken feels like a brain of a drug addict craving drugs and not being able to get any. Add immediate post breakup emotional rape by hearing engagements and talks of plans to marry someone else while being with you, ESPECIALLY when they know u are in the worst place of ur life. And then u say she is not the one to take the blame? You OWE your partner respectful period of mourning based on how sensitive they were as a person. You owe this to the love they had for you instead of all their shortcomings. A few months lack of ur merrymaking and being watchful of their emotions doesn’t kill u but give them time to get back up.

    • Don't Kill My Vibe says:

      +Kalem Babar bro she said that before she started dating Mac. Also she said it as a joke, like a celebrity crush. Man you really have to put a blame ln someone else right? Not the person fucking up his own relationship and life by addiction.

    • Melito T says:

      Because they’re weak and look to other people to make them happy instead of realizing only they themselves should and do hold that power.

    • Jeff Cooper says:

      Sc j true but that doesn’t mean Ariana isn’t a shallow bitch who we should also say had a part in it.

  14. bigsmilie07 says:

    Hopefully y’all get drugs ain’t cool

    • Suh dud says:

      It won’t stop. Rappers will go “put down the drugs” then a month later will start rapping it and posting it. Niggas don’t learn til consequences hit them in the face.

    • King Miz360 says:

      bigsmilie07 Yea I think it’s lil late for that message now unfortunately! They been tryn since the 70s! Nobody gives a fuck anymore we even have worse shit now like K2 bath salts n who knows what they will make next n they do what they wanna especially the younger generation

    • bigsmilie07 says:

      +King Miz360 smfh…..bath salts…smh..that’s sad

    • Melito T says:

      No matter how much the Zionist promote it in music, you’d think ppl would see the effect it has on lives but nope like sheep to the slaughter, they keep feeding their minds this filth then wake up wondering how they have a drug addiction.

  15. Demonetized Patriot says:

    Doesn’t Hollywood already have enough Satanic blood sacrifices for the year? I mean don’t you think that you guys are kind of over doing it at this point? Tone it down to like 1 or 2 sacrifices a year….you guys are getting out of hand.

  16. Jamar B says:

    Take notes fellas. Women will move on quickly after a breakup. Once they are in the arms and between the sheets of a new man they lose all concern for your feelings. Men take these situations much harder than most people expect and effects last years sometimes. If you are using drugs and alcohol to cope then go get help brothers. Work on your mental /physical fitness. Its the only way besides being with a new woman that loves you equal to the one yo loved most. Damn I hope Mac didn’t do this on purpose.

  17. Chaka Azam says:

    I know you can’t blame Ariana but a few weeks ago she went on Fallon saying that she knew she wanted to marry Pete when she met him 2 years ago and I thought that was super fucked up of her to say that knowing that she was dating Mac Miller at the same damn time. I would imagine he was in pain over this and when you are in this state of grief combined with heartbreak you can’t control what or how much you consume. Rich or Poor we all can have the same problems and struggles and not all of us make it through. I’ve been in his shoes (without the money) and some of us just do not make it out.

    • nutsafloppin says:

      What do you mean you cant control what or how much you consume? If you have that problem then you are an addict or alcoholic and you need help. Maybe that’s why she left him because she doesnt wanna be surrounded by addicts

    • alex salunas says:

      So blame Ariana is what u saying right millennial 🐈🀣

    • Erica Lynch says:

      She actually said that before she was in a relationship with Mac it was in between her break-up with another guy and before talking with Mac

    • Clumsy Me says:

      +alex salunas I wouldn’t think Ariana wouldn’t be the MAIN reason for his death. I would think that she was a factor. Like the person said Ari said that she liked Pete ever since she met him and that was during the time Mac and Ari were still dating. Also right when she broke up with Mac she went right to Pete and now they’re engaged. Plus Mac was already struggling with drugs, so… It would be very hard not to overcome that without any drugs being involved.

    • Austin Yipeo says:

      Chaka Azam unless it’s Xanax

  18. Sergio Flores says:

    People are shocked…πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ society music culture promotes drug life as if is a cool thing to do but when one of these celebrities life style catches up with them…people are in complete disbelief…πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  19. Henry Bascombe says:

    The younger generation is all about live fast, die young. I don’t get it.

    • Mike Miller says:

      lovingGod777 love he got fame because people liked his music .

    • We Worldwide! says:

      because one dude died of an overdose you painting the whole generation with a broad brush!? LOL people are so dumb. People, especially famous people, have been OD’ing since forever.

    • Melito T says:

      That’s every young generation.

    • Alexis Soto says:

      Mike Miller not really there’s a bunch of artists out there that make good music but aren’t noticed because either they rejected the label or if they accept they become famous in a month or 2. You don’t see underground rap on the radio.

    • Ray oflight says:

      I mean I get it, I kinda think like that too but it makes me scared for my friends and generally this whole generation, everyone’s getting fucked up (but also it’s so hard to find hope, I wouldn’t be the one either who plans for the future and wants to get old)

  20. NoneWhatsoever says:

    I know this is hard for you but can you males, for once, take responsibilty for your own actions and stop blaming a man’s mistakes on his spouses/ex spouses? No one blamed Demi’s ex for overdosing, in fact, yall were hating on her. A bunch of hypocrites.

    • Geovannie J Colon says:

      NoneWhatsoever correct ! He started drugs well before Ariana ! He did them while he was with her . Reason why she left him . She try helping him probably . People get tired . Yes I’m sure he was depressed for some reason .
      But the kid had problems. Go see a doctor if you have depression drugs are never the problem! Learn that and never blame others for what is happening to you! You are the author of your own book! Learn that !

    • S Williams says:

      @NoneWhatsoever THANK YOU!!

    • Mr White says:

      “you males”
      *Feminist Detected*

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