Mac Miller Dead: Celebrity Friends Mourn Late Rapper | E! News

Mac Miller Dead: Celebrity Friends Mourn Late Rapper | E! News

Chance the Rapper, Lil Xan & more friends of the “Self Care” rapper take to social media to react to the sad news that he has died from an apparent overdose.

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Mac Miller Dead: Celebrity Friends Mourn Late Rapper | E! News

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71 Responses

  1. Posty Co. says:

    Man, these rappers are dropping like flies.

  2. Sav. says:

    RIP. You will be missed and may you rest in peace, Mac.

  3. david bygum says:

    R.I.P that’s hella sad😔. So many souls have been lifted these last few weeks it’s crazy sad☹.

  4. b017ni3 says:

    too young
    too rich
    no one to tell you “no”

    • b017ni3 says:

      cassl14 – that’s totally true…but from what i read, he was pretty into coke, and without a good amount of disposable income, it’s more of a “weekend warrior” drug…the cost alone keeps a large percentage of users in check…well, that and not wanting to throw the rest of their lives away…

    • b017ni3 says:

      Andrew Thoppil – the fact that you think i referenced some “entire group” in my post makes me think maybe someone should tell you no…

    • b017ni3 says:

      Andrew Thoppil – what “group” do you think i lumped him in with? all rich addicts? all young rich addicts? all young people? all addicts? all rich people? you’re ridiculous…the combination of age, wealth, and mental heath OBVIOUSLY played a part in mac miller’s specific struggles with addiction…there, better? smh

  5. Dopesounds says:

    I had car accident not even 45 minutes ago, then I come home to fine this… His music when it was released always seemed to speak to me, I really hate to hear that it was an OD

  6. EDM Squad. says:

    So many people are dying wth is going on?? 😢🙏🏽 *rip Mac Miller*


      News flash: death is part of life…

    • Brad Smith says:

      sellouts? MacMiller would have made so much more money if he just stuck to that party rap type stuff he did back in the early 2010’s but he never let 1 music of genre define him. he was the opposite of a sellout actually.

    • Anonymous Anonymous says:

      +Brad Smith when you make songs with big time artists you sold out

    • Brad Smith says:

      Dumbest thing I ever heard. By your definition that would make pretty much every single big artist out there a sellout. A sellout is someone who goes against thier own morals for personal gain. Collabing with big artists im pretty sure is like a dream come true and what most artists dream of.

    • Mr. Kincaid says:

      Remember that one day when no one died? Man, that was crazy.

  7. fatima july22 says:

    I’M IN A SHOCK AND DENIAL I feel veryyy sad and wondering about Ariana’s feelings feel sad for her too it is hard to lose someone you loved the most once in your life u feel like u lost a part of yourself 🙁

  8. Truck Turner says:

    Ain’t it funny how you become everybody’s favorite person when you die…..smh

  9. Kay Kompotn says:

    So sad. I was really impressed with his last album, he seemed comfortable with that sound. I was hoping to hear more from him. They die too young

    • Awav Phjj says:

      Ik I’ve been playing 2009s on my playlist for the last few weeks and I never listened to him before I was really excited to and now it’s just sad.

  10. Damekion Roberts says:

    There will never be another Mac Miller

  11. xxPanterxx xoxo says:

    wow.. here today.. gone tomorrow.. live fast .. die young

  12. Squid thekid says:

    Rember kids drugs kill

  13. Victor Walston says:

    RIP Junior from Bronx New York
    RIP xxtentacion
    RIP Mac Miller 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  14. Frinee Garcia says:

    “Kids” and ” Best Day Ever” were the soundtracks of my high school years. I love you, Mac. I’ll never forget the time I met you and you hit on my girl (true story) lol I can’t be mad. You will be missed 🙏🙏

  15. Jae KiDd says:

    Man this sucks why we loose all the good rappers … People need to stop disrespecting him calling Ariana Grande ex this man was well known before her & great on his own

  16. Chelsea Johns says:

    and im sure seeing Ariana get engaged and her being plastered all over media with Pete made it so hard for him.
    RIP Mac, this has to stop. We’re losing too many to drugs

  17. Derek says:

    He’s ok, he’s part of the Jewish/Satanic club. wink, wink…..

  18. Robin Ross says:

    So are you claiming this man didn’t suffer from drug abuse issues before after and during his relationship with Ariana Grande?
    E! Y’all should know better than claiming he only starting doing drugs after his breakup with Ariana Grande – like really? These rapper are out here dropping like flies-This man is Dead and I hope he rest in power. However this generation and more specially the music industry is full of temptation from Women, Drugs, Power– Stop with the blaming its sad. Her name really should not be mentioned at all.

    • Dragon Lover says:

      +Michael Eaton but he always had an addiction. This isnt her fault. What if people threw themselves off a bridge everytime they were dumped? He could’ve reached out for help but he took the drugs. I feel like people blame her way too much for this since shes the only low point in his life that they know of. RIP mac miller ❤

    • Erikk12 says:

      Dragon Lover Ariana saying she knew she was going to marry Pete two years ago didn’t help. Her breaking up with him and then marrying a guy a month later doesn’t help. It’s not her fault directly but cmon she did play a little part in it.

  19. Adrianna Norwood says:

    Repeat After Me^IT WAS NOT ARI’S FAULT

  20. russell westbrook says:

    All these rappers dying and 69 still ain’t get touched smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

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