Mac Miller – Self Care

Mac Miller – Self Care

Mac Miller – “Self Care” is available now:

SWIMMING, an album by Mac Miller. Available August 3rd.
Pre-order it here:

Directed by Christian Weber

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72 Responses

  1. Fic Filasio says:

    I was wondering how Mac was doing after the breakup and feared he would go back to drugs but this video proved me otherwise and spread an incredibly positive message. Thanks Mac, glad to know you’re fighting your emotions with a clear mind 🙂

  2. LUC says:

    J Cole and and Mac had great projects revolved on drug use and self insight. Major props foshooo

  3. Old Bull Lee says:

    It’s gonna be real awkward if he performs on SNL…..

  4. the book was way better says:

    this couldn’t have dropped at a more perfect time.

  5. Angel Wings says:

    “I got all the time in the world so for now I’m just chillin”

    mac never disappoints

    • Charlesworth Browne says:

      Y’all bashing her but can’t be a little creative to open discussion or ideas ? That line followed by “ plus I know it’s a beautiful feeling in oblivion”, has meaning. It could mean…why care for himself, when he has all this time in the world to do whatever, regardless if its positive or negative regards for himself. Then boom, who cares because when your unconscious or dead ( oblivion) you won’t have to worry about any harm from the world or from yourself. That’s why he says it’s better in oblivion. This song has a subtle but very meaningful visual.

      IG: @_dionnebrowne

    • Angel Wings says:

      Charlesworth Browne exactly :,) thank u!! and considering I have also struggled in the past w drug addiction, his lines hit me on another level

    • Theworldseyes says:

      When you’re rich you can chill as much as you want.

  6. Milyinz Moran says:

    Love the kill bill inspiration

    • jaume puyalto says:

      The main inspiration isn’t kill bill. There’s a spanish film called burried with ryan gostling on it that is exactly to the first half of the video. Go watch that because its great. BURIED by Rodrigo Cortés

    • 死ƳαSαкα says:

      MyUncleTouchedMe LastNight 💀

    • Alejandro Luengo says:

      Yeah! It inmediatly comes to mind watching this video. Such a good film, with Ryan Reynolds (not Gosling) killing it

    • Elcid Abiera says:

      jaume puyalto its kill bill everything mac did up until he got out of that soil was so similar to that specific film.

  7. Chillafied says:

    Mac you gotta stop smoking cigs…

  8. Super Duper says:

    This is a good late night drive type of tune.

  9. Mi says:

    Memento mori = remember that you have to die or remember that you’re mortal

  10. Edgar Soto says:

    Mac really be one of the most underrated rappers

    • Devn IV says:

      Edgar Soto hes far from underrated lol. Look at The Underachievers, KAAN, Felly, Flatbush, and so many more that are actually underrated. Mac is a well established rapper man.

    • Edgar Soto says:

      Devn IV yeah ik man just saying he deserves more

    • Edgar Soto says:

      Devn IV fr though Flatbush really underrated especially with their freestyles and Denzel Curry too I think

    • Rumorz says:

      Devn IV I feel at the least Flatbush are bigger than Mac… people have forgotten about Mac since his Donald trump days and it’s saddening… how much you wanna bet this won’t peak at number 1 on the billboards… it sucks tho cuz I love Mac been supporting for years and seeing him grow while I’ve grown up has really changed my life and opened my eyes… I feel he is slept on and underrated in the sense he ain’t doing drake numbers even tho he deserves it

    • Devin Williams says:

      True as fuck

  11. Fxns says:

    Is that voice an X sample or am I buggin?

  12. Benny Troung says:

    Mac’s back. Bad for the heart, good for the art.

  13. JustDestiny says:

    This music video is based off that scene from “Kill Bill: Volume 2” where Uma Thurman gets buried alive and she has to use her martial arts skills to punch her way out of the coffin.

  14. ALMOND MILK says:

    Anyone else hearing XXXTENTACION in the beat?

  15. deadwave. says:

    I ain’t hidin

  16. Wade Wilson says:

    Dammit. I’m trying to quit smoking cigarettes and him pulling that smoke out triggered me. Fuuuuck I want a cigarette

  17. says:

    Im from the future and mac miller is from another dimension 👁🔥😂

  18. Tantu Beats says:

    Mac rose from the underground

  19. Jake Jacoby says:

    *If you have a minute, please look at my rap too!?*

  20. Matthru says:

    Ariana really hurt this guy AYE

    • Lorelai Mercy says:

      Matthru -Actually I think he had a lot more going on within himself and his life than just her. Not everything in his music, his struggle and his pain is about her, not even close. Love sucks and breakups are a bitch but it is belittling to anyone to reduce their whole struggle to one girl. That ain’t it.

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