mac n cheese…that’s it, that’s the title

mac n cheese…that’s it, that’s the title


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34 Responses

  1. Nikki Hauk says:

    Omg you guys have to try the boxed Annie’s vegan Mac & cheese. Tastes almost exactly like kraft !!

    • Elp Smith says:

      Nikki Hauk
      I think they’ve bought it before

    • eja parchment says:

      Nikki Hauk yes! i’ve has annie’s before and i didn’t even know it was vegan until after i ate it

    • riceismyname says:

      that’s what i was saying! for some reason i can’t stand the daiya mac and cheese but i love the annie’s one. it’s hard to find in stores tho rip

  2. Michelle Foucault says:

    You and Jenna have become my favorite Cooking and Dog reality shows respectively! TLC is shook.

  3. ctoits says:

    Love how this has turned into a cooking channel! Subscribed for it. Keep up the great content!

  4. Lauren Jennaro says:

    I would kill for merch that says “… kitchen” but insert your zodiac sign. Like Aries kitchen or Gemini kitchen. Who else?

  5. Briana Reeves says:

    Make some recipes with No Evil Foods!!! You can find it at Whole Foods and it’s literally the most life-changing meat substitute. ??

  6. shannon menees says:

    *jenna says something weird and vulgar* julien: “uhhh cut”
    *doesnt cut* ?

  7. Savannah Slusher says:

    Julien is sorry about a mess? Didn’t know he was gonna do that to em

  8. sierraious says:

    Can father Babish and chef julen pls collab I need it WE ALL DO

  9. Alexandra Marsolais says:

    Title: “Julien struggles with a pressure cooker for 45 minutes” ?

  10. Julia Thompson says:

    When you get back from vacation, y’all should fo sho do like a salad-off… like make the dankest salad you know how to make…. (basically I want inspiration for living healthier)

  11. Gemma Lucas says:

    Julien: fast
    Julien with an instant pot: has finished cooking a hot meal by the time you’ve read this comment

  12. Lizzie Tillmans says:

    Do this stuff more often please. Like think of a type of food and make it three different ways to test which is the best.

  13. AnxietyGlitter247 says:

    Literally just made myself some g-free mac n cheesy.

    Also, I’m gonna suggest you make vegan chili-stuffed peppers w/ jalapeño poppers!

  14. Dave West says:

    How dare you not name this video “Boc’xd Mac N Cheese”

  15. Christi Thornburg says:

    Okay, hear me out,
    A t-shirt of Julien “doing it to em” pose with the caption *”Aries Kitchen”*

  16. whatafly80sguy says:

    PIZZA. With 3 different kinds of crust.

  17. Kathrine Hoover says:

    Please make vegan sloppy joes!!! super easy and the best with TVP

  18. Kite Corbin says:

    Eating Mac and cheese together? Going on vacation? #FriendGoals

  19. Kennedy French says:

    Stressed because the dial that “does nothing” is what relieves the pressure and it can burn you or cause your pot to explode sos please read the manual ???

  20. Deeqa Rose says:

    *mac n cheese…that’s it, that’s the title*

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