mac n cheese…that’s it, that’s the title

mac n cheese…that’s it, that’s the title


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34 Responses

  1. Nikki Hauk says:

    Omg you guys have to try the boxed Annie’s vegan Mac & cheese. Tastes almost exactly like kraft !!

  2. Michelle Foucault says:

    You and Jenna have become my favorite Cooking and Dog reality shows respectively! TLC is shook.

  3. ctoits says:

    Love how this has turned into a cooking channel! Subscribed for it. Keep up the great content!

  4. Lauren Jennaro says:

    I would kill for merch that says “… kitchen” but insert your zodiac sign. Like Aries kitchen or Gemini kitchen. Who else?

  5. Briana Reeves says:

    Make some recipes with No Evil Foods!!! You can find it at Whole Foods and it’s literally the most life-changing meat substitute. 🙌🏻

  6. shannon menees says:

    *jenna says something weird and vulgar* julien: “uhhh cut”
    *doesnt cut* 😂

  7. Savannah Slusher says:

    Julien is sorry about a mess? Didn’t know he was gonna do that to em

  8. sierraious says:

    Can father Babish and chef julen pls collab I need it WE ALL DO

  9. Alexandra Marsolais says:

    Title: “Julien struggles with a pressure cooker for 45 minutes” 🤣

  10. Julia Thompson says:

    When you get back from vacation, y’all should fo sho do like a salad-off… like make the dankest salad you know how to make…. (basically I want inspiration for living healthier)

  11. Gemma Lucas says:

    Julien: fast
    Julien with an instant pot: has finished cooking a hot meal by the time you’ve read this comment

  12. Lizzie Tillmans says:

    Do this stuff more often please. Like think of a type of food and make it three different ways to test which is the best.

  13. AnxietyGlitter247 says:

    Literally just made myself some g-free mac n cheesy.

    Also, I’m gonna suggest you make vegan chili-stuffed peppers w/ jalapeño poppers!

  14. Dave West says:

    How dare you not name this video “Boc’xd Mac N Cheese”

  15. Christi Thornburg says:

    Okay, hear me out,
    A t-shirt of Julien “doing it to em” pose with the caption *”Aries Kitchen”*

  16. whatafly80sguy says:

    PIZZA. With 3 different kinds of crust.

  17. Kathrine Hoover says:

    Please make vegan sloppy joes!!! super easy and the best with TVP

  18. Kite Corbin says:

    Eating Mac and cheese together? Going on vacation? #FriendGoals

  19. Kennedy French says:

    Stressed because the dial that “does nothing” is what relieves the pressure and it can burn you or cause your pot to explode sos please read the manual 💀💀💀

  20. Deeqa Rose says:

    *mac n cheese…that’s it, that’s the title*

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