MAC X Patrick Starrr – What’s GOOD?! | Jackie Aina

MAC X Patrick Starrr – What’s GOOD?! | Jackie Aina

P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
MAC X Patrick Starrr Collection:
Pactrick’s Powder

C O D E S:

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52 Responses

  1. Doeneseya says:

    *That thumbnail has me nervous. ??*

  2. Keren Joy says:

    Anyone realize this is filmed in widescreen?

  3. iPerform says:

    Is it *SpongeBob* approved though? ???

  4. MsJaniece Thomas says:

    Who hit like before they watched? Lol

  5. April says:

    Only Jackie would scream at the sun, “You’re making my forehead bigger!” LOL

  6. ariontheair says:

    *I hope the Jackie Aina Theme songs NEVER gets old* ????

  7. AbigailAshley says:

    *jackie literally slays my life*

  8. CHICHI says:

    Will forever live for our theme song

  9. ariontheair says:

    Auntie Pat’s collection IS A BANGER in my opinion ?✨?? & I’m ready for the tea from my fav of it ☺️

  10. Nick Polis says:

    I’ve been waitinggggg for your review Auntie Jackie ??❤️

  11. LadyBri says:

    Is someone spamming your comments?

  12. Lanaeya Fuller says:

    I get wayyy to extra during the “Jackie Jackie Jackie” part ??

  13. M Olivier says:


  14. Naomi PR says:

    So much spammmm ? I already reported over a dozen “Jackie Aina Official” “click my picture for a special prize” scam phishing spammy comments and the video’s only been up for 2 minutes, WTHHHHHH ?

    Thank you for the review and demo though, Auntie Jackie ??

  15. destiny homan says:

    Realist YouTuber I know hands down . ?

  16. Henna Sharee says:

    “If you clock in at noon your shift is 8 hours” ?well Patrick’s power is workinggggg ?

  17. It's CRYSTAL! says:

    ?Sitting up there in the opening scene like an angel ?in that pretty cream sweater looking like million dollar moths been nibblin’ on you! Thank you for another info-taining video.

  18. Latina Gilyard says:

    I’ve seen a couple reviews of this collab and knew you’d choose Mama Starr when you said you didn’t want red. Also, I was wondering if his products are limited edition. I’d love to get the powder and the lipsticks, but Labronze and Lapeach took most of my discretionary fund. Thanks for the informative review.

    • Leila N says:

      The powder and lipsticks/lipglosses are. The lipliners and shadows are already existing mac products, so even though this particular collection is LE you can get them in regular packaging. 🙂 If you’re able to, just grab the powder!

    • Latina Gilyard says:

      Leila N Thanks for the info ?

  19. Doeneseya says:

    *I love that lip!!* ❤️❤️

  20. LaceyAlexa hamsters&cats says:

    Always so gorgeous! I really liked the powder when I felt it in store too! <3

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