Machine Gun Kelly – In These Walls

Machine Gun Kelly – In These Walls

Lockdown Session Day 19. Vocal sample PVRIS – ‘My House’


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63 Responses

  1. Jenna Lofsness says:

    If music was just like this all the time we would benefit from it immensely. Think of how many real songs we would have to relate to. This is just fire 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Ayoub Hocine says:

    Can’t wait to see Shaq No Life goes ” haaaah ” on this 🔥

  3. Lil Chode says:

    “Killed all the other girls for a queen he didn’t realize had fangs”

    • Dean Razer says:

      Can you explain to me what this line means?

    • Lil Chode says:

      Dean Razer my interpretation of it is that he rejected or done away with girls, for a girl he thought was the shit

    • Alejandro Ochoa says:

      Dean Razer Watch the Movie The Underworld…. Come back, listen.

    • Connor Sullivan says:

      Dean Razer he gave up relationships with other girls to stay with her. Throwing all of those relationships that could have gone great to be with a “queen” (someone he treated like a queen” a queen with fangs. Saying she wasn’t who he thought she was.

    • J.øśh PT says:

      I felt this bruh

  4. Hush: A Sudden Silence says:

    MGK ain’t stopping until he finishes the weed he bought for 10k.

  5. Skies Ryan says:

    I like Eminem a lot but this is pure talent. 2 years ago I thought he’s a stupid guy and rapper cause of the beef with eminem but he inspires me over and over so i have to admit that this is one of the most talented music artists. This is MGKs year. Keep it up man💪

    • super man says:

      @Alternative Facts Chicago sadly that’s what happens when you beef with a legend like Eminem. That shit will stick with you throughout your entire career.

    • KINGinaNORTH says:

      @Alternative Facts Chicago amen

    • Alternative Facts Chicago says:

      super man and that’s fine, but every comment doesn’t need to start with Eminem BUT lol Em got nothing to do with this he’s chillin while Kells is working working. MVP of this for sure

    • KINGinaNORTH says:

      @Luis Solis Zuñiga the fuck does EM have to do with this? I didn’t know EM was music. MGK doesn’t need EM and EM sure as hell doesn’t need MGK just enjoy both fuck. I listen to both and give two fucks about their beef, who cares seriously.

    • super man says:

      @Alternative Facts Chicago it doesn’t need to but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t.

  6. Sumit Khangarot says:


    I feel you in these walls
    You’re a cold air creeping in
    Chill me to my bones and skin
    I heard you down the hall
    But it’s vacant when I’m looking in
    Oh, who let you in?
    You walk around like you own the place
    But you never say anything
    I caught you walking straight through my walls
    Guess it was all my fault
    I think I let you in

    Well, you said I never wrote a song for you
    So I hope this one is haunting you
    You said even if it took forever
    That me and you would be together
    And I never thought that you would lie
    So I’ll admit I took advantage of your precious time
    I’ll admit I took advantage of you every night that I was on the road
    Even at home I wouldn’t do you right
    I’ll admit it, but don’t think for a minute I’ma let you
    Convince me that what we started is finished
    Or for a second that I wouldn’t take a bullet to the head for you
    Paint the bottom on my floor red for you and kissed by an angel
    Touched by the devil, blood from a nose red as a rose petal
    I think we’re caught up in a power trip
    See my Kate Moss, I’m her Johnny Depp

    Light pull the fast life in the fast lane
    Lights in the cab night drinkin’ champagne
    Ice make a last ice for the back pain
    With the knife on the dash, pipe with the ashtray
    And we fuck with the lights off, break a lamp shade
    Did it twice in the room, once in the [?], oh
    Hide all the fresh wounds like a band-aid
    With the stripes on the black suits for the campaign, oh
    What a damn shame
    King of the underworld, what a damn name
    ‘Cause he killed all the other girls in the damn frame
    For a queen that he never realized had fangs
    Damn, do you feel what I’m sayin’?
    Take a knife in the back, wanna feel my pain
    Make a slice to the wrist to reveal those veins
    I could see your face, man I feel insane

    Never thought that I would feel like this
    Such a mess when I’m in your presence
    I’ve had enough, think you’ve been making me sick
    Gotta get you out of my system, yeah
    It’s my house
    And I think it’s time to get out
    It’s my soul
    It isn’t yours anymore
    It’s my house
    And I think it’s time to get out
    Yeah, I think it’s time to get out

    Yeah, yeah, whoa-whoa-whoa
    (Yeah, I think it’s time to get out)

  7. kayla faye says:

    I remember when he talked about this song in an interview sayin that he would never release it. It’s so good. He always comes through.

  8. mridul Das says:

    *okay we gotta give this quarantine crown to Mgk*
    *Who agree like*

  9. Tyler Smith says:

    To the 427 people who disliked this please let me know why. I’ll be waiting

    • Xilas GG says:

      @Blake Escobales If you listen to the lyrics it’s already about him. Although not directly. He’s not even flexing though, the setting is dark inside with a beautiful back drop. Not sure if it was intentional but for me it says that inside his heart (his house) is dark right now, and he needs to get out (for example him literally walking out when he finishes saying that he needs to)

    • Xilas GG says:

      @Blake Escobales Also he doesnt have his full production team because of QUARANTINE so.

    • Samin Amanat says:

      two words, rap devil

    • DrClawizdead says:

      Because he’s singing about some dude (him?) that cheated and took advantage of a girl so she left him (like any normal person would) and now he wants her back?

      Sorry, but that’s some scumbag shit right there. It’s like putting spoiled milk back in the fridge and hoping it will be fresh tomorrow. I don’t like the subject matter.

    • Xilas GG says:

      @DrClawizdead You misunderstand what he meant when he said he took advantage of her TIME,
      and took advantage of her when he was away.

      I doubt he cheated on her when he said “Killed all the other girls in the damn frame, for a queen I didn’t realize had fangs.”

      Seems like to me at least that he took up all her attention when he was touring and things like that because he was chasing her, remember right before that he said “You said even if it took forever, that me and you would be together.” I think she was playing him. And he fell into it deep man… so he’s leaving the house he let her into and gave her… his heart. He’s leaving it behind to find something new.

  10. Yeesta says:

    Who thinks he should make an EP with this quarantine songs ? 👇🏾 Aprove so he can see this ! stay blesed.

  11. MegaLewey says:

    I can see why the people around him didn’t stop him from going at Eminem

  12. CBT bOiS says:

    Government: “work from home”

    Colson: “my time is now”

    Also this song is fire as fuxk 🔥

  13. wutson says:

    “cuz he killed all the other girls in the damn frame for a queen that he never realized had fangs” DAMN

  14. Shädøw Wølf says:

    MGK is helping us not to be bored
    In this quarantine, and making great songs

  15. Ayoub Hocine says:

    Colson doesn’t need autotune, autotune needs him.

  16. jessica says:


  17. Yung k says:


  18. KnG Bailey says:

    Okay so the original song is called My House-PVRIS 🙏

  19. Bryan Plumstead says:

    We getting one damn near every other day. Bad ass

  20. Alex Marlene says:

    “It’s my house, I think it’s time to get out” – quarantine vibe

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