Machine Gun Kelly – Killing in the Name (Rage Against the Machine cover)

Machine Gun Kelly – Killing in the Name (Rage Against the Machine cover)

they wrote this song in 1992. Its been 28 years since and every word still applies.

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  1. 13snelson says:

    Never forget when MGK covered Bulls on Parade and also put his own spin on this with “fuck you I won’t change” on See My Tears live! He’s always been with RATM ✊🤘

  2. mxtt says:

    Travis x mgk is honestly the greatest thing ever

  3. bobbybrown 86 says:

    Rage was the NWA of rock🤘🏽

  4. Sarah says:

    I LOVE that they used footage from the actual current protest! So beautiful and meaningful. So proud of everyone standing up for what’s right. This is why I’ll stick by this team no matter what 🤍 BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!

  5. Justin Yermouth says:

    “And in these dark times
    as a part of a generation they claim can’t be saved it’s important to know we’re not blind
    We see the truth through blue and dark eyes
    And I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees, if I can’t live free”

    Est4Life 🤘

  6. Atomix Music says:

    Travis hitting those drums felt personal.

  7. Amanda Ramalho says:

    Yesss. This is what I’m talking about! Rock star deep down 🤘

  8. Skinny P says:

    This is the type of music MGK needs to make!!! His voice sounds good. RATM is amazing

  9. Blainy Kid says:

    Real talk though, y’all in the U.S. need RATM’s lyrics more than ever. Good luck on the quest to end racism, we’re all with you!

  10. chris hanns says:

    Perfect time to come out Swinging kid !!!

  11. Hannah Christian says:

    3:30 that scream tho. This is a mood.

  12. icewolf250 says:

    The second verse was originally, and is sometimes sung live by Zach as ”Some of those that burn crosses, are the same that hold office”. The system runs full circle. VOTE them and their friends out of office.

    • Christopher Nichols says:

      Its a club and you aint invited you aint in it! So forget the politicians they are there to give you the illusion you have a choice you have owners they own you! You know the same club that they brat you over the head with all day and all night telling you what you should believe ( George Carlin, ) nothing says justice like a new flat screen TV and rich white kids destroying neighborhoods they don’t live in cause theyre fighting rascim lol its easier to fool people than to tell them they have been fooled

  13. Mali Vanhie says:

    I love that Travis just shows up whenever he hears his name.
    Colson was like “yo, imma need you for this”
    Travis shows up 5 seconds later” did someone say they needed me?”
    these two should never EVER stop making music together!

  14. Luna Kaneki says:

    Didn’t really expect this. Loving it. Love the original song too

  15. Brittany Rouse says:

    Was actually terrified to hear you cover one of my all time favorites, but you did that! 🤘

  16. Jose Angel C says:

    Please MGK my laptop cannot handle that much weekly fire ^^  
    -Le me: How much awesome shit are you going to release every month?
    -MGK: Yes

    EST 4 life

  17. Laila E. says:

    I love how MGK and Travis care about what happens around them and get involved. They’re very vocal and their collabs are so powerful!

  18. TEXAS RIGGED says:

    Alright…. MGK… You’ve officially won me over doing this. I understand we’re fighting the same fight and thanks for standing shoulder to shoulder with us. You’re a real one man✊✊

  19. Dylan Brown says:

    This song cover is between a miss and hit for me, although, I like how he is using the song to promote the protest.

  20. A Johnson says:

    Thanks MGK.From A Black Man in Louisiana.Your SUPPORT thru this has been PRICELESS..

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