Machine Gun Kelly – LATELY

Machine Gun Kelly – LATELY

Machine Gun Kelly’s album Binge is available now!

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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing LATELY. © 2018 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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85 Responses

  1. Antonio DBZ says:

    ok we get it.. Eminem destroyed him in “killshot” according to your opinions. But that the doesn’t take away the fact that this kid is more lyrical than MOST artists and had the balls to diss eminem and get clout off it. Respect to MGK. And for the record i am a Eminem fan, and now a MGK fan!

  2. The3rdeyedontdie says:

    MGK should be sending EM royalty checks for all the exposure he’s getting now..

  3. Narrating Gamer says:

    MGK’s last two songs have meaning and great flow…it doesnt matter if hes not the best rapper, hes got his own way

  4. That Guy says:

    Okay so this album shows why we never heard about mgk before.

  5. Clone #786 says:

    Mumbling rappers are guys like Desiigner who don’t speak clearly cause the lyrics are empty.
    Learn to use that term correctly… you’re embarrassing yourselves

  6. tom brady is the goat says:


    • yung says:

      you can find Em’s channel by typing ”Eminem” , alright?

    • Mexican Duck says:

      I found Kelly by typing trash
      Ok but fr, unbiased not a fan of this song

    • Abomb thor says:

      dude your profile name is somethin else my guy tom brady is the best qb that’s his position that doesn’t make him the best nfl player ever also the fact that u say cringeworthy makes me feel like your one of those kids that get called cringy a lot of times so u go to the comments of a music vid and just type shit that u get called Mr. CringeWorthy

  7. ? ? says:

    Now he’s rapping about he’s depressed

    Talk to a therapist about it

  8. Muntingia Ninja says:

    MGK said in his Charlamagne interview that he’s not a mumble rapper? This track is almsot as bad and lazy as mumble rap…very basic lyrics, very basic flows, repetitive.

  9. IsItThatGame? says:

    Bank Account Anyone???

  10. Anjum Khan says:

    MGK you take way too much Drugs


  11. thatGuyyouKnow20 says:

    I’mma die hard eminem fan but this song hit me pretty hard in the chest cuz I’m in the same boat, I know what you feel kells

  12. thomas sheldon says:

    I feel like the people disliking are just Eminem fans clicking on the video, listening to 20 seconds of it, pausing the video and commenting how bad the song is.

    • LongIsland2Reno says:

      tokiesgalore if it were dead you wouldn’t be here

    • Dan Daddono says:

      He Should of re released his old album this new sh** sucks

    • E. MAN216 says:

      +Dan Daddono I like it

    • Daniel Abdollahi says:


    • iPKForU says:

      thomas sheldon oh No I heard the whole song , twice … was trying to give it a try since they said its the only decent song on the album… and he even made a video with his Iphone and everything but its not for me … just trash no lyrical ability. Basically pick a word lets say “mumble” for example and google synonyms .
      … role music…
      “ Look at me im very Humble (eh)
      I stand up every time I tumbled ( eh eh)
      I feel like the king of the Jungle ( eh eh)
      When I rap all i do is Mumble “

      Get a hook repeat done .

  13. nassim san says:


  14. conacrytud vy says:

    “iM noT a MuMBle raPpeR”

  15. Anjum Khan says:

    MGK using too much Autotune


    • brian caldwell says:

      I heard some of the album, it’s worse than watching a scary movie trailer, in which they show all of the scary seens … And you find out when you go watch it. Disappointment … disappointment in the fact that the cornball thinks Eminem sucks or that they are better… Anyways, back to this sick ass Kamikaze album! … Hoping this moron gets out of the media and goes back to where no one ever hears of him…

    • ELEMAYOH says:

      Junior Arvizo idk i dont wanna be addicted to drugs lmao

    • ELEMAYOH says:

      Blancoo ofc we are here, he dissed em, plus, you a mgk fan

    • ELEMAYOH says:

      Blancoo LeTs tAlK aBouT iT

  16. G-Dub 85 says:

    this is it, this your moment, this is as big as you’re gonna get….

  17. Johny Johny says:

    Lmao mgk took this opportunity to put out a song while hes popular

  18. Needheart Ranken Obeñita says:

    Em is amazing but his fans are pure cancer.

  19. Cario The Slayer says:

    Clicked on this thinking it was a response to Killshot XD

  20. Swifty Unknown says:

    “As long as I’m Shady he’s gonna have to live in my shadow”

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