Machine Gun Kelly – PRESSURE (Official Music Video)

Machine Gun Kelly – PRESSURE (Official Music Video)

Machine Gun Kelly’s PRESSURE available now –

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27 Responses

  1. Fit_AF_123 says:

    MGK, Dub and Slim still rolling together after all these years.. Nice😎

  2. Dari says:

    AWESOME to see Kells showing his versatility. Rapping, singing whatever it just sounds great!! As a musician myself he inspires me so much in terms of trying out new things and going out of my comfort zone 🙂 Thank you MGK hope theres more coming our way

  3. Cory Dennison says:

    Dam kells, you went hard. You always raise your own bar. Mad respect for you. 👌💯

  4. Welej says:

    10+ years later and STILL dropping bars. He’ll NEVER stop and I’m always here for it. XX Gang 🤘🏻

  5. Mitchell Wassam says:

    I’ve never connected to an artist on a personal level through music like I have with Kells these past 15 years. This man releases music that matches my mood and energy everytime.

  6. Alex Casillas says:

    Can’t wait for the rap album! I absolutely loved the pop punk albumsand had them on repeat the past couple years but I’m excited now for MGK to go back to his roots. EST for life!

  7. Jourdan Huffman says:

    The pink era happened at exactly the time in my life i needed it. Those songs will forever be on my playlist. But as a fan from the veryyy beginning I am sooo ready for the new rap album.

  8. Angela Turner says:

    Don’t ever stop what you’re doing MGK, you’re a musical genius, far beyond our years. I’m obsessed with this!

    • 808s and cupcakes says:

      He 💯 definitely is a musical genius. Idgaf what anyone says. If they’re saying he’s trash, I immediately know that they’ve never actually sat down and really listened to him or they wouldn’t b saying it. The man is an absolutely brilliant artist AND HE KNOWS EXACTLY HOW TO STIR AND SHAKE SHT UP!!!😂🤣😆 I love ❤️ it. This man ruled the YouTubes during Covid….tried on another genre for fun and gets a number 1 album off rip and sold out stadium tour. Doubles down, makes another #1 album and then another sold out tour! This man has managed to stay relevant for 12 years now and has 5.1 billion views on YT alone. That is extremely difficult to do if ur not insanely talented and if u can’t grow and change as an artist. He is and he has….seamlessly. Most artists blow up and only have a couple good years. He’s just real asf so he has a VERY loyal fan base that will always be checking for his music.

    • IN-DA-FACE666 says:

      I’ve been listening to him since his one mixtape “100 Words and Running”. There is one album I didn’t like of his and there’s a couple songs I don’t like. Doesn’t make me less of a fan. I just didn’t like the autotune he used mostly.

    • jen says:


  9. Sky Rae says:

    Kells, you are already a legend. EST will hold you down forever.

    This band out does themselves every time withoht fail. Loved the video. Its truly a representation of how far you’ve truly made it and always remembering where you come from. Baze & Slim — the beat is a straight banger. The transitions are so satisfying.
    ❌️❌️ 🖤🏴

  10. Quinn Kiwalabye says:

    i always thought that he was good at rapping. i loved how he combined rap and rock together made him so original

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