Machine Gun Kelly – Pretty Toxic Revolver

Machine Gun Kelly – Pretty Toxic Revolver

Lockdown sessions day 18. We sampled a Shawn Mendez vocal and made a new song.

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43 Responses

  1. Armand Geldenhuys says:

    Every time I listen to this masterpiece I grow heavy with the fear of losing Colson.
    He saved so many of us over the years, Now it’s our turn to save him.

  2. Casey Butler says:

    I love what MGK is doing right now. Music needs him. An actual artist. An actual musician. All of these post of these cover songs.. these couple of ridiculously lyrical songs that he just wrote, recorded, and posted as free content. He’s genuine. He’s not just in it to ride these trends in music for the money. That’s why you don’t see other “artist” doing this. They save every bit of what they write to record a way overproduced version of their original vision. They don’t release anything raw.. they just want to sell records.. make money.. that is why music is dying. The artistry of music is slowly being dissolved.
    The fucking music industry.

    It’s killing real music.
    It’s killing real musicians.

    I can’t believe Eminem isn’t supporting him.. be a fucking man and pass the torch.

    Be men.
    Shake hands.
    Release a track together for fucks sake..

    Daaaamn.. quarantine got me writing books in the comment section of YouTube.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Andrew Williams says:

      Casey Butler yeah I agree rap devil is far better

    • Jeff Brown says:

      If that’s a book it’s short as fuck.

    • Jeff Brown says:

      Memento Mori you pay for Youtube?!

      Bro, this shits free.

    • Pete Poteet says:

      Casey Butler I definitely respect what you’re saying but I think if Eminem was going to pass the torch it would be someone who’s not as pop sounding as this dude. There’s too many emcee’s who are much stronger lyrically and truthfully far more deserving. But I fuck with mgk heavy, I like his older stuff way more but dude is hands down the dopest pop artist out right now.

    • Jeff Brown says:

      Casey Butler I don’t think it’s petty at all. MGK talked about how daughter, then got on Tech9’s song and sneak dissed him. Like… why dude. Why.

  3. Eire Leperchaun says:

    wow 10/10 “I guess this is my titanic
    With no James Cameron to direct this draft of it”

  4. Annonymous 777 says:

    Whatever obstacle you’re going through, there is always a way out. Connect with your higher self, have no distractions, serve your purpose.

  5. redlinelude7 says:

    On repeat anyone else?

    Much love Kells, your music has helped me through plenty of the bullshit life has thrown at me!

    Lace Up!
    EST 4 Life!

  6. Kenny Green says:

    Evey time I play this song I get the chills speaks so much to me as do all of his songs glad he got over the ivory I struggled with it my self and to see your idol get over it to just makes for a good vibe and just to know that you can still relate to Colson after all of these year from homecoming and 100 words and running to the present day

  7. Elijah Ip says:

    He proved himself by all these mad skills and crazy talents

  8. Marcus Adler says:

    “Head hurting all week ’cause of bad coke
    Then the same week Peep overdosed, that’s fucked up
    But I guess I lucked up
    And I feel his pain because it probably won’t be until
    The day I die that they love us”

  9. Alisha Rhodes says:

    This storm your going through will clear to better things. Keep your head up. Don’t give up. Whatever you are feeling talk to someone. Don’t let the demons or the rough patch win you over. You’re strong thn the tough times. This song hits my heart 💔 😓😥😢

  10. Holly O'Neill says:

    Please make this a single if it’s not going on the album. On Spotify pronto. Big respect
    Blonde Don

  11. Knolwedge Success says:

    This man just calmly killing tracks… get it

  12. FIVE6ix says:

    This is so creative.. Hopefully my music can get this big one day

  13. K W says:

    Kellz damn man this hits hard I love it it’s really real I hope u are doing ok and this is just a song but if you aren’t it’s gonna get better keep going I’ve lost a lot this year I can’t stand to lose you too much love🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  14. Noah Schiberl says:

    What blows my mind is he does this for himself. He writes songs to let out emotions n shit. Everyone else stuck in quarantine doing nothing besides enjoying their mansions and bro is out here making songs/covers and they’re helping everyone else get through this tough time. Legendary shit. Nobody works harder than him. XX for life.

  15. Jamiehoatson says:

    I’m a massive em fan but I’d love to see mgk and em drop a song together just set all the shit aside they both defended there corner.
    Both talented artists in different respects

    • AwwwhYyyyeah says:

      so what? im a massive stan too, but unlike 99.99% of us, i actually liked MGK more when he went after em. the only rapper who has had the fucking stones to genuinely try. we should be applauding him for that, not mocking him for it. he went after arguably the most talented rapper alive. how is that not respectable? that irish prick MMA always went after no1 and we all loved him for it. a rapper goes after no1 and the community gives him shade? id say it was a good 40-60 on that battle and thats damn good vs em for fucks sake.

      rap devil actually got me to notice mgk and ive been a fan ever since.

    • peter griffen says:

      💯 mgk needs to have a song with his idol .. em and him would kill a song together The beef was fun now time to make hits

  16. Nelly Long Chase says:

    Danger, one of us just lost our savior
    Gotta maintain when you’re going insane, so I say this prayer
    Dear God, why do I need this medicine to control my anger?
    And do you even exist? They’re trying to say it’s a myth
    Lotta things left unsaid, lotta things left unanswered
    My aunt just passed from cancer
    Dad just got out of rehab
    And mom’s never gonna show up, gotta grow up
    Ride with me through the memories inside of me
    ‘Til the nights I was hooked on the ivory
    Head hurting all week ’cause of bad coke
    Then the same week Peep overdosed, that’s fucked up
    But I guess I lucked up
    And I feel this pain because it probably won’t be until
    The day I die that they love us
    But trust, every nomination I don’t get
    Every list that I ain’t on
    Is a reminder of why I wrote songs in the first place
    As a way to escape where I came from

    This just my pretty toxic
    Heavy conscience weighing on my soul
    Six shots in my revolver
    When I’m on my own

    [Verse 2]
    Play this song
    On the first day I am gone, I do not want you to cry
    Legends never die, I hope our story’s told
    And the year spent on that road
    Before they came to our shows
    We were creating our lane, I hope they pave it in gold
    Take me home, somewhere I belong
    Somewhere foreign, looks like Dali’s drawing
    Yeah, isn’t it funny that whenever you got a vision
    A mission and a couple of plans to go with it
    Somebody gotta come along mad and damage it
    Like a cancer that inhabits never banishes
    I managed to smoke five grams of cannabis
    And still keep my stamina for the fans and the goddamn cameras
    That attack my stance like Evangelists
    I said truth and they couldn’t handle it
    So when it sinks you stand in it
    I guess this is my Titanic
    With no James Cameron to direct this draft of it
    Just my

    Pretty toxic heavy conscience
    Weighing on my soul
    Six shots in my revolver
    When I’m on my own, back against the wall
    It got me anxious
    Helpless, frigid, cold
    Late nights drinking on my own
    Now I’m fearless, Al Capone
    To my dearest, I ain’t gone

  17. sadavocado says:

    The Shawn Mendes sample though lmao. He killed this for sure. But I cracked up when I saw how they spelt his name in the description.

  18. Chicago Street TV says:

    *This Track Will Kill The Corona Virus*

  19. MC 888 says:

    Just played this 10 times in a row. We all can relate to Colsons music

  20. Stage4Casper says:

    Car, couch, outside… next one recorded is gonna be on top of the Empire State building.

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