Machine Gun Kelly – Renegade Freestyle

Machine Gun Kelly – Renegade Freestyle

The Cypher: Machine Gun Kelly – Renegade Freestyle

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33 Responses

  1. Polo G says:

    So dope you doing this on your own platform bro

  2. YourLocalSpiritGuide says:

    Bars were hard af brodie. Much love, peace and positivity. Be the light you were meant to be homie, and keep on shining ❤

    • bren says:

      @John IshamLol dude believe me. I know this already, he’s literally been going to every single MGK-Related video or post to shit on him because he loves blowing eminem 24/7.

    • Kyle Gibson says:

      ​@John Isham dude I see him on EVERY MGK post lmao, he’s a Stan.

    • John Isham says:

      This Brandon dude must have his feelings hurt bad. He’s going back and forth from MGK’s Instagram to here just to make sure everyone knows that “he can’t rap” 😢😭🤣

    • GRACe says:

      ​@brandon latusaww😂

  3. Addy Sohell says:

    Been here from lace up era and i have seen kells in every situation happy, sad, depressed, low and on his high. Prayers & Best wishes for new rap album man hope to see you one day 🇳🇵

    • Cory Mardino says:

      Facts! I been on this ride since 100 words and running and I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS NEW RAP ALBUM! It’s gonna be his best work yet

  4. Roy August says:

    Do your thing bro, boy can just come back from dominating Pop-Punk to rapping like it’s nothing, Respect

    • Dominic DeNardo says:

      ​@Jessica maewhat manner of foolishness is THIS


    • Dominic DeNardo says:

      ​@Kyle Gibsonthe GOAT don’t switch genres, fool.

      You see LBJ striking out at baseball? No

    • brandon latus says:

      @Jessica mae he changed genre because of Eminem embarrassing him not cause he wanted to but what ever helps you sleep at night babe but it’s not healthy delusional

    • brandon latus says:

      @Jessica mae I’m not even going be to bother reading all that you just wasted your time Eminem ruined mgks career cope harder

    • Jessica mae says:

      ​@brandon latusas usual all yall can say is shit that happened half a decade ago that’s been dead and buried. Yall stay beating it like a dead ass horse. Be original, come up with something new. Mgks had 2 #1 albums in the last 5 years, tripled his worth, and it wasnt even in rap during those 5 years… it was in punk rock because HE WANTED TO if u listened to bloom before the Eminem and his beef bullshit u would know. He’s been doing a rap/rock thing cuz he loves to play guitar and piano, yeah he actually PLAYS instruments, Makes beats, writes songs, RAPS AND SINGS. When the last good album ur man’s had was over a decade ago the rest were shit & barely listenable. Only mtbmb had some but also had 36 songs id hope a COUPLE WERE good. Lets face it already, yall stans just mad he left rap for a while cuz HE WANTED TO. CAME BACK AND STILL HAS HIS FLOW EVEN BETTER 5 YEARS AFTER NOT RAPPING MUCH. Id be upsetti spaghetti like ems shirt too 😂 😂

  5. AlmightyFitness says:

    Let’s not forget this man is a dual genre artist. He’s equally nice at making rock music which I personally haven’t seen before. Pure talent !

  6. Austin Justice Young says:

    I can’t express how pumped I am about this. Please keep rapping!

  7. Drew says:

    People don’t realize that this dude right here has been grindin, hustlin, and giving us his literal blood sweat and tears for the last 15 years!!! (Not to mention he did all this while raising his daughter. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the passion and commitment.

  8. GodofJamaica says:

    Homie Laced Up for this one. Shining bars all day like EST 💥💥💥

  9. J B says:

    No artist can dip in detween genres on that high level especially with lyricism. Hard.

  10. imnoop YT says:

    Please add this masterpiece to Spotify 🔥

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