Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker – Misery Business (Paramore Cover)

Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker – Misery Business (Paramore Cover)

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54 Responses

  1. Johnathan Hunt says:

    My favorite artist singing a song that I fell in love with as a kid, because of my favorite video game soundtrack? The nostalgia and fan boying is immeasurable!😂🔥💚 F**kin love yall man!!

  2. Dominic Bertz - says:

    Rock MGK > Rapper MGK

    That isn’t shade towards the guy, I just prefer MGK when he sticks to the rock side

    Also can we get this on Spotify please? I want this in my playlist

    • Dave Dix says:

      @Dominic Bertz – my apologies for jumping out the window like that my brotha. I know what u mean tho. We’re each entitled to our own opinions. Be safe out there 🙏🏽

    • Dominic Bertz - says:

      @Dave Dix you too bro, tough times

    • Josh Lynes says:

      You def must have never listened to any of his mixtapes lol

    • Dominic Bertz - says:

      @Josh Lynes I’ve listened to a lot of mgk actually. Like I said, I’m not saying his rap is bad but I like it more when he does his rock side. You can hear the passion he has for the music more.

    • Hawaii 808 says:

      Copy this songs link bro

      Go to then paste it & hit convert. You might have an extra tab pop up but don’t mind it & just close it.

      When the next screen pops up just hit download👍. I haven’t tried it on laptops or what not but I know it works for phones

  3. Taylor Murray says:

    Maybe we should quarantine more often if this is what we get

  4. Mermaid Mama says:

    He plays the skins like he’s an octopus. LOL!

  5. Emma McDowell says:

    your music has helped me through some of my hardest times and this just pulled me out of a long state of depression and hurt, bullets with names got me through a breakup, hotel diablo got me through the death of my brothers, bloom got me through coming out and losing almost everyone in my life (aside from my family :>) general admission got me through foster care, and lace up got me through losing all my friends and moving to across the country. i would like to thank you personally but unfortunately, I can’t do that so for now ill just sit here and type out this really long and probably ann0ying thank you, you (and your daughter too shes so happy it makes me happy please don’t be an Eminem and make a diss on m for talking about your daughter) have gotten me through some tough times and i really appreciate you and all you do, i hope one day i can make it to one of your shows or a meet n greet to thank you personally, in a nutshell, thank you for being yourself and making amazing music <3

  6. Kieran LeBlanc says:

    I didn’t realize I needed this in my life, but I need more of this.

  7. Dayday says:

    “New character unlocked”

  8. Jenny Precious says:

    Haven’t had music make me feel like this in a while

  9. ALL DAY says:

    MGK should drop a album that only features rock music.

  10. Remage says:

    1:33 this guy is so aggressive against the hat.

    1:55 he’s waiting again to smash it with a weird look on his face towards the hat.

  11. shelby stanley says:

    I love it when artists are not scared to go outside of their original genre!

  12. Hannah Chen says:

    I feel like if kellin came on here and added some higher harmonies during the chorus then it would sound even better

  13. Mar$ Who Drop$ Bar$ says:

    This is the only thing that came out of the whole quarantine bs

  14. Tonka Martinez says:

    MGK is living proof that you can live life on your own terms regardless of where/what you came from or what anyone thinks of you. There is literally NO EXCUSES!

  15. Erin Vannatta says:

    I love his rap, but damn I love his rock. He needs to keep his hair platinum like that, and the pink guitar!! 😍 and Travis barker is always beyond amazing I don’t even have to say it, love his tshirt in this too

  16. Dudez Doromal says:

    He just need to practice his scream to make it lit

  17. Thats Heroic says:

    I’m honestly surprised by how good this is. The only thing he could do better in my opinion was the “woah”s. Definitely has potential. This metal head will 100% be looking forward to more from him. Also Travis is a freak.

  18. Kelli Punk says:


  19. Strickend666 says:

    A true artists. he’s getting into different areasand selling it, his roots are way deeper then anyone in both the rap game nor rock industries knew were there. praise diddy for god fathering him

  20. Jesse Arnold says:

    This isn’t bad. I’m actually a little impressed.

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