Machine Gun Kelly – What’s Poppin Freestyle

Machine Gun Kelly – What’s Poppin Freestyle

Lockdown Sessions day 17 inspired by Jack Harlow

Audio Available on Soundcloud:

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53 Responses

  1. Kaleb Jannink says:

    Bruh why have I played this about 6 times in a row.

  2. Dev Shvrp says:

    I’m only surviving this quarantine because of all this heat MGK been dropping

  3. Sanele Mshengu says:

    I think MGK’s wave is flowing my way these days

  4. Aidan Bennett says:

    Jack Harlow is looking hella homeless

  5. Warren Morelion says:

    toosie slide in the bootyhole…

    Like what. Am I the only one shook 😰
    Bar of the century.
    Drake with the oop tho.

  6. Joe Carey says:

    Playin cards like its Yu-Gi-Oh

  7. Unknown Unknown says:

    He deserves some more hype.

  8. Hillary macrelli says:

    Like we did already know Kells the hardest worker in the game but damn making my quarantine lit much loves est

  9. Opiate says:

    Laughing at all the comments like “oh he’s so fire now after the beef” or “the beef ignited something in him”
    Lol.. MGK has been this way since the jump, but unfortunately a lot of ya’ll wouldn’t know that because you started listening after Rap Devil came out. All I’ll say is welcome to EST and don’t forget to lace the fuck up #kells

    • ThaTechGameDude says:

      I joined the Est fam 5 months ago. Can’t believe i hated him because of a dumb beef. Listened to the whole bloom album and the blackflag mixtape. This guy is definetly above somewhere with Eminem.
      I’m sorry for every fan of Kells.
      Do you think i need to know him from the lace up movement or am i in a good time now?

    • kelly cone says:

      Yaaasss.. those folks need to go way back. I love 100 words and running , Alice in wonderland… All the younger stuff. Including the “lace up” movement 🔥🔥🔥

    • Re-L says:

      Thats because, without Rap devil and Em, he still would be unknown, NOW people recognize him … all because of Eminem!
      Without Em he would still be a Nobody!

    • GHOST says:

      @Opiate FACTS! finally someone that said it

    • GHOST says:

      @Chris Lozynsky Why are you here then, go do something else…

  10. REGME says:

    Guess who is back ❤❤❤💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

  11. Geri Dobbs says:

    “Playing cards like its Yu-Gi-Oh” ayee

  12. seth gucci says:

    who else thought jack harlow was gonna answer facetime with “what’s poppin” 💀

  13. Alfred F. Jones says:

    “Playing Cards like it’s Yugioh”

  14. TheBeardedSun says:

    When he said playin cards like its YUGiOH we all felt that

  15. Nicholas Romine says:

    This whole booth setup is a mood forreal

  16. Hando Aleman says:

    Y’all gonna ignore mans rhymed balsamic with comme des garçone’d it

  17. Masterful says:

    “Playing cards like it’s yugi-oh” 🔥

  18. Helm Of Awe says:

    Quarantines should happen more often, seems to bring the best out of artists

  19. 2yan Gaming says:

    “Chef noble cook my raw fish” that’s a bruh moment

  20. ShotGun Wolf says:

    This guy been fire since “100 words and runnin”

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