Machine Gun Kelly – World Series

Machine Gun Kelly – World Series

Machine Gun Kelly’s new album “General Admission” Out Now!

General Admission Deluxe Bundle:
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Directed by Charlie Zwick

Produced by
EST 19xx Films: Byron Kirkland & James McMillan
Ambitious Media:
Stephen Brown, Louie Torrellas, & Daniel Provenza

Adapted Screenplay by Byron Kirkland & Charlie Zwick
Paying homage to the film “Snatch”.

DP Peter A. Holland

Edited by
Zwick Post: Charlie Zwick & Jon Rouzier

Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing World Series. (C) 2015 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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20 Responses

  1. garn100 says:

    respect the snatch reference

  2. Daniel Rosales says:

    you know what sucks? he has the #1 selling album right now but can’t get 1
    million views less then 2hrs. why people with auto tune and shitty songs
    can get 100million views within 2hrs. smh Mgk deserves good things..LACE

  3. Adam La says:

    Still do not know why people like this artist….not hating just don’t see
    the skill or intrigue anywhere…

  4. BrownEyeZo3 says:


  5. TeedoSpeedo says:

    The ending though.. Lolol. Good shit!

  6. Dyanthony Baldwin says:

    Hope he makes a video this good for alpha omega and make it happen??

  7. Bhisma93 says:

    I love this mini movie it’s jus like snatch

  8. xBullseyeHD says:

    ?????? the King mgk does it again

  9. EBBI says:


  10. Max B says:

    for those of you who don’t know, this is a re-enactment of the film
    “Snatch” it’s definitely worth a watch.

  11. DannyBoyka LTFU says:

    This is fucking awesome !! Amazing kells, LTFU. EST4LIFE <3 thank you for
    the best music ever bro

  12. Alexis Kulhanek says:

    love it

  13. Kurtis Stryker says:

    Wow everybody in the comments on this guys songs is comparing him to Eminem

  14. Lander Beckers says:

    so nice kells lace up man

  15. kenny robyn says:

    awesome snatch inspired video, about time someone paid respect to that

  16. Ben Kitcher says:

    Guessing MGK likes Snatch, proper english film

  17. Austin Yocks says:


  18. Andie Akerz says:

    Snatch is such a great movie. I approve

  19. james mckie says:

    just copied off snatch then?

  20. mafijaspravi says:

    this guy is the justin bieber of hip hop