Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud & Travis Barker – I Think I’m OKAY [Official Audio]

Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud & Travis Barker – I Think I’m OKAY [Official Audio]

I Think I’m Okay by Machine Gun Kelly Feat. Yungblud & Travis Barker is available now!

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Animated by Martin “PoorMarty” Perry

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56 Responses

  1. MDK OFFICIEL says:

    Each songs is better than previous, woow MGK IS KILLING THIS .. lOVE IT ????
    (?Fire NEW ALBUM?)

  2. Brandon Calloway says:

    Dude you’re coming back strong. Now you’ve gained a fan. I feel you now.

  3. Tam B says:

    Hell yeah I’ve been so hyped for this since I saw MGK on Travis’ snapchat story. I fucking love both of them so much

  4. Sandip Blood says:

    This guy can sing, rap, is a guitarist, vocalist.
    A complete artist MGK ❤️❤️

  5. Himanshu Rathore says:

    The artwork is pretty dope too !
    Big up Kells. Thank you for experimenting and bringing new sounds one after the other.

  6. BringMeThe!twentyoneYungblud says:

    I’m here for Yungblud but I think I’m going to listen to MGK more^^
    amazing song

    • Jessy Blair says:

      Breaking news, loco, the breakup, chip off the block, swing life away, … Honestly every song hes ever put out has been amazing. – I could go on for days

    • Ris says:

      @Jessy Blair Don’t listen to his latest stuff and you will most likely like it. His newer songs lack everything for a song to be “good” unfortunately.

    • Lyle Ancajas says:

      Welcome to the EST Family.

    • Jessy Blair says:

      @Ris I listen to all of his fucking music and I love it. Breaking news and chip off the block came out years and years ago. I’m a true fan. I love all of what he creates because he’s a great artest. Fortunately**

    • Jessy Blair says:

      @Ris get wrecked bro. ?

  7. Mandy D says:

    This song sounds like something my 2007 emo ass would’ve had on their iTunes and I’m not mad at that

  8. ThexInsidexMan says:

    lookin like a nice intersection of black flag and bloom and of course new heat.

    stoked on this project already

  9. John Sousa says:

    Who broke the replay button? ???

  10. Safaa Safaa says:

    MGk is really good as a rock singer,
    PS: I’m a stan

  11. Frank Ferrer says:

    Lets just take a moment to appreciate what we have. Congrats to the class of 2019 where ever your at.

  12. Lussiana Folleco Insuasty says:

    MGK slays but can we talk about Yungblud’s vocals? Omg, they’re stunning

  13. Rihanna123 says:

    ? ? ? every track in Hotel Diablo is different from the other so far and I love it!!!!

  14. STYL says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks ‘Hotel Diablo’ is gonna be his best Album yet! ?
    He’s grown so much. Hell, I almost feel like I grew up with him.. Lace up 19XX Forever! ?

  15. ManDrake McAddams says:

    And just like that, another MGK track to explain my emotions

  16. Matthew May says:

    could not be more real , you are a good man sir

  17. Stephanie Wallace says:

    ? this brings me back to swing life away omg ❤❤❤

  18. Depression Talks With Immanuel says:

    “I hurt myself sometimes. Is that too scary for you?”

    More artists are talking about mental health so openly. Love it.

    • stormy music says:

      truth! He was good friends with chester bennington

    • Kainoa O'Brien says:

      I agree! It’s great that being more open about mental health isn’t such a stigma anymore. So that we can all grow and improve ourselves and each other.

  19. Bethany Patience says:

    Can’t believe MGK has released a song with one of his childhood heroes – travis <3 what a dreeeam. sick song

  20. 1 2 3 Four Five says:

    Weird how people sleep differently, I sleep on my side, my girl sleeps on her back and everyone else sleeps on MGK.

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