Mackenzie Foy Takes Down Jimmy with Taekwondo

After surprising Mackenzie Foy with a mini birthday celebration, Jimmy gets put into submission when Mackenzie demonstrates one of her self-defense moves.

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Mackenzie Foy Takes Down Jimmy with Taekwondo

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20 Responses

  1. saurabh12680 says:

    Jimmy acted very weird the whole video was weird actually….but the moment
    of truth mackenzie gonna be fucking hot actress when she grew up, doing
    intimate scenes,kisses bang bang bang !

  2. Ineda Pearl says:

    Little renesmee is so grown up :)

  3. Jordan Nickel-Dubin says:

    She’s so sweet, so beautiful!

  4. Bazli Awesome says:

    No matter how technique or different marshal art I still beat by my bullies
    bcuz due to my puny size of my body. Life is unfair :(

  5. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    Teenager doing martial arts and looking decent. See folks, I told you it
    was possible to cross MMPR with Gurren Lagann.

  6. Flutter Girl says:

    the editing is soooooo bad!

  7. The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

    Fallon is such a little girl. I’d have given that chick an ole fashioned
    butt whooping had that been my show.

  8. sparkylee28 says:

    She is so awkward!

  9. Morgan Stern says:

    Strangest interview I’ve seen in a while

  10. Csi se says:

    how old is she?

  11. yeiner landazuri says:

    bueno si

  12. jerry says:

    jimmy was uncomfortable touching a 14 year old girl on national tv.
    Awkwardness everywhere

  13. Adil Ahmad says:

    That was really awkward lol

  14. Alexis West says:

    who is this girl? 

  15. Coo Coo says:

    That was just a… 14… year… old’s… move.

  16. Skrillex 99 Matthews says:

    wtf how does she looks 19 the movie she looks around 8 or 9!!!

  17. Suel Fadel says:

    LMAO! Black belt and that’s the self defence move she shows him??? I learnt
    that move in kindergarten!!! 

  18. Suel Fadel says:

    see this on top! 

  19. Alex Bernard says:

    Lol she’s like, this guys a fucking weirdo.

  20. Ozan Koşar says:

    she was like “there there Jimmy” hahaha…