Macklemore goes trick or treating

Macklemore Halloween special

Granny Macklemore goes trick or treating on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Halloween 2014

Created by Tricia Davis
Directed by Jason Koenig
Edited by Jason Koenig
Assistant Editor John Peterson

Ben Haggerty as Granny Macklemore
Tricia Davis as the mastermind
Ben Secord as the beat boxing childhood best friend

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20 Responses

  1. Taskun56 says:

    I would’ve told him I got full size candy bars over here. And then told him
    to sit down and take a picture with me. I wouldn’t have revealed him tho.
    Then, I’d have told him he need to come have dinner with me and my wife
    sometime. You’re awesome man. :-)

  2. Alohaj7 says:

    damn they need to come toy my neighborhood!!!!

  3. Alohaj7 says:

    um that should be to my neighborhood

  4. underthesurface100 says:

    Great legs!lovely old lady!

  5. Catherine Ziebarth says:

    I have to say he has strangely nice legs…

  6. Steph Devorah says:

    Omg he looks like Alan Harper 

  7. Brenna Almightey says:

    Oh my god I would love to trick or treat and see macklemore!

  8. StuffAreTaken says:

    Great legs!!! I can’t stop laughing this video was really funny!!

  9. AbRulez says:

    Lolz, loving the Orange Nike kicks!

  10. kacapizzi says:

    Thanks for keeping it fun neighbor!

  11. TheRenerify says:

    tHis is why I love macklemore 

  12. Anthony LoGatto says:

    I’m guessing there will be a rapping granny on the next album?

  13. Gracie Leago says:

    who knew that Ben had such a donk? 

  14. Alex Tadei says:

    “You look like Macklemore”

  15. Javier Avila says:

    Sour Punch, send some candy to Macklemore. 

  16. Elizabeth Correa Lopez says:

    Haha n.n

  17. adel fellous says:

    he’s crazy

  18. KhloesMama2012 says:

    Lmao! I about died when he started to dance hahaha.

  19. 87168 says:

    hm, maybe get back in the studio. no mixtapes or loose tracks since your
    album? come on man

  20. pablo loquencio says:

    shet, he is sexy! omfg