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20 Responses

  1. Juliana g says:


  2. Gabriel Bridgman says:

    Macklemore sucks

  3. Jon Gates says:

    This song needs to blow up on the radios. I gotta new respect for this man.

  4. jdogsful says:

    Personally, i think this song is shit. His flow is so disjointed, i cant
    stand it.

    The message is strong, though. Its funny all these other white dudes
    commenting that refuse the feel the white guilt. Theyre so brave, standing
    up to black oppression.

  5. Nik Qq says:

    I cried after realising that I was wrong ?

  6. egg says:

    fuck off macklemore you fucking cuck

  7. Nick Wolf says:

    not just black people

  8. Michael Henriques says:

    Did his white privilege help him win his BET award?

  9. Jimmy Russell says:

    Every white child in the world should be made listen to this song every
    day. whites invented hatred slavery and war only when whites are curtailed
    in EVERY aspect of society will we live in a world free of bigotry,
    ignorance and hate.

  10. iain davis says:

    the reason you don’t get shotby cops is because you wear the clothes of an
    old lady. they just don’t see you as a potential threat.

  11. L4Uhuru says:

    *Slow Claps* Good job. Remember this is part 2.

  12. Elijah Predeoux says:

    He didn’t diss iggy.

  13. TheRequiemMask says:

    This faggots 15 min have past. Cornball Liberal Bullshit from some dude
    that can’t accept himself. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  14. faithl says:

    wow great work if u read it like a poem its amazing I like to dissect the
    music listen to the beat melody then the word understand the meaning
    wonderful great work :haven’t got work that will make me think in a while

  15. slyfoxpro says:

    fucking cuck, America doesn’t want whites anymore so im going to Canada

  16. Broderick Oliver says:


  17. nons says:

    This is a brilliant song, and shows an extremely intelligent understanding
    of white privilege and racism. I’m so glad to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
    using their position in society and in the music industry to bring
    attention to these issues. Musically, it’s a great song. I especially love
    the excerpts of chanting and news reporters. I hope everyone else can
    understand how important this song is to the movement. This is what white
    people should do in battling racism. Not speaking louder than POC, but
    using their privilege to amplify their voices.

  18. Leo Charmillon says:

    Come Back !!!

  19. P.C. Principal says:

    How did I end up here?

  20. Chaapashya Labaya says:

    I was going to ask why is it that so many caucasians are are afraid of
    loosing white privilege but I think it’s probably not the white privilege
    that they are afraid of loosing but the generations of inbreded HATE that
    they have grown so fond of.

    If white privilege is dismissed or replaced with HUMAN PRIVILEGE than we’ll
    be forced to LOVE each other and LOVE unlike hate isn’t learned or taught
    from our grandfathers it’s felt and requires truth in order thrive and the
    bitter truth is something nobody wants to face.
    is about love not hate !