Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

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Apple’s got some great hardware, but lately there’s been one major flaw that’s held them back from making full use of it…

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81 Responses

  1. Dylan Cree says:

    wtf is linus’s hair?

  2. R Mans says:

    Apple : we have puted an i9 into a laptop even more thinner
    laws of physics : i am a joke to you ?

  3. Mc GetRekt says:

    Identical thing happens with Surface Pro 3, my fans don’t kick in until 70c and by the time they turned on and get up to speed, it’s already thermal throttling

    • William Meisburger-Iwata says:

      I too have an I5 Pro 3. I use it mostly in a dock, so I got this “arctic” usb fan to blow on the back when it gets hot (using it for music production). Works really well actually. Not that I’m excited about having to do this lol. But I knew right away I wouldn’t want anything more powerful, even this thermal throttles if you look at it wrong

    • Mc GetRekt says:

      +Rahmoun Rahmoun Yeah one thing I have noticed, is that the GPU affects temperature MUCH more than the CPU does. For example, if I run furmark for 30 seconds 720p unlocked, I get 85-90c temps, where as if I run a prime95 or intel extreme stress test on CPU, in 30 seconds it only gets to about 70-75c, so when gaming or using GPU intensive tasks it’s going to thermal throttle more than CPU intensive stuff

    • Jonathan Pontel says:

      +William Meisburger-Iwata link to the fan you use? Thanks

    • matemana says:

      My new thinkpad never goes to 70 degrees. I swera 66 is highest i saw when i played for 2 hours on it.

    • Madrrrrrrrrrrr says:

      Well you should be happy though because some carpenter has put on a carpet on that thing. That’s what happens when engineers tell marketing people what to do. Hahaha

  4. Philip Boug says:

    Hey Linus… Thanks for the constantly amazing content…
    I am a dinosaur… 75 years old with a long career supporting IBM and compatible mainframes.
    An old piece of mainframe lore… “All CPUS wait at the same speed”
    Hey… It’s true! So if your OS or multi-CPU workload did not manage the CPU usage well, then guess what..?

    • Philip Boug says:

      +Allrayden Thanks for that! I do my best. It’s the old saying, “Use it or lose it.” That keeps me going. Not pretending for a moment that i understand everything that Linus posts, far from it. Especially when he gets into the dirty depths of Linux. A good example was a few days back when he was rabbiting on about running IOS on a Hackintosh. That got a bit hairy! All good fun though 🙂

    • Touya Todoroki says:

      A dinosaur that loves cats? You’re a Proailurus

    • kp p says:

      +Philip Boug sir i didn’t completely understood what u said there? could u explain that sentence to me (sentence is below)?

      “An old piece of mainframe lore… “All CPUS wait at the same speed”
      Hey… It’s true! So if your OS or multi-CPU workload did not manage the CPU usage well, then guess what..?”

    • Philip Boug says:

      +Touya Todoroki Wow! Never heard of a Proailurus! Just Googled it… What amazing animals, I think I want one… Perhaps not, they look a little Hungry 🙂

  5. Bryan Jones says:

    I’ve tried to explain thermal throttling to my bosses and coworkers when they thought it better to buy laptops instead of desktops for our work. We use CPU intensive engineering software. The general public – even somewhat tech savvy people – don’t have a clue about thermal throttling. The see i7 on laptop specs and think same as desktop i7. The PC companies also push a misleading narrative.

    • root9065 says:

      Yes, this is their target audience, and it’s next to impossible to explain these aspects to people who only see status quo. They just tune out and default back to their own paradigms. My boss is a Starbucks digital nomad (he hates being called that) who uses a Macbook because it’s cool, and of course he needs other “entrepreneurs” he meets with in the eCommerce space to see him using it cause in dumb speak, saying you have a Macbook is a good sign you’re having your finger on the pulse man. God forbid they might think less of him if he’s seen with a Carbon X1 or an XPS. Even though those might be pricier than his. A couple of years back he told me his iPhone 7S has a higher resolution than my phone at the time which was an HTC 10. I almost burst into laughter but managed to contain myself. Didn’t try to explain how that is false, because he just got the phone and didn’t want to disappoint him lol. I’ve learned that with these people it’s best to just let them wander around their comfort bubble and not disturb them.

    • amanieux says:

      a $30 laptop cooler for thin and light laptop is a good compromise for mobility/thermal throttling

    • Porkchop Sandwiches says:

      It depends on the laptop though… some especially the bulkier ones are not too restricted.

    • Domomonster o says:

      +GhoulcallerGisa that’s not called capitalism, that’s called ignorant buyers. If you don’t know what your buying and its expensive, than your just dumb.

    • Miroslav Milan says:

      How on earth does this comment have so many likes?

  6. Benjamin Hook says:

    Hey, 2009 me, it’s 2019 you. We’re still having this argument in the future, so don’t get your hopes up, I guess.

  7. Tesse ract says:

    I’m hungry, let’s “cook” some food. Wait, why are you booting up your MacBook?

  8. Guest says:

    When the marketing people tell the engineers how to make a good product. This happens..

    • glenby2u says:

      and the bean counters got greedy listening to marketing.

    • GreenDayGA says:

      Im sure they are selling more products this way because most of their customers just want an apple product that looks good and works

    • Armouredfalcon says:

      +GreenDayGA except they look good and dont work.

      And its not like other companies make ugly laptops either.

    • Madrrrrrrrrrrr says:

      GreenDayGA and don’t forget: they won’t buy a half inch laptop anymore these days.

    • Guest says:

      +GreenDayGA that kind of business practices won’t work on the long term.

      all of you guys made a solid point though.

  9. Sujan Paudel says:

    macbook fan spin faster during higher workload in Linux ! not in MacOs !

    enough said

  10. Jack Complains says:

    You should do a LTT vs LTT employee 5-person competition, where they have 1 day to come up with a solution to cool the Macbook and whoever has the best price-to-performance solution (noise counts) wins.

  11. Josh Jones says:

    I’m so happy you and Louis broke bread and are now regularly mentioning eachother on your channels. I’ve been a subscriber of his for ages and was so happy the first time you two collabed. It speaks to your character and lack of ego that you’re able to benefit from eachother’s knowledge and give the viewer a much more informative experience.

  12. Aaron 572 says:

    Apple better be taking notes. (so should MacBook owners)

  13. Jorge Gomez says:

    Just to see how much the throttling is hurting the performance of that Mac, I would gladly send you guys my 12 year old Dell laptop with a 2.5 GHz core 2 duo to bench against it.

    • Robert van den Eijk says:

      I’m still using my 11 year old Acer 2.5Ghz Core2Duo laptop when not on my desktop. With a SSD it’s still a workable machine for ‘normal’ use. And it doesn’t throttle under load with dedicated GPU and 65W TDP CPU.

      But then again, I baked my GPU 4 times already (the oven treatment) to fix solder breakage because of heat stress.

    • kp p says:

      oh i bet an overclocked core duo 2 at 3.0 GHz can beat that macbook pro

    • Madrrrrrrrrrrr says:

      Just look up the geek bench numbers. I’m 100% sure it will perform much slower than the newest MacBook (pro’s) Because I got 2 duo cores and replaced one with a Xeon x5460. My MacBook Pro mid 2012 has 4 times the numbers in geek bench than the Xeon.

    • sirmonkey1985 says:

      +kp p another case where people look at a clock speed and ignore all the other factors that actually make one cpu outperform the other.. just in IPC alone the skylake based cpu’s are roughly 75% faster clock for clock than C2D. so even if it was throttling to 2Ghz in a POS macbook it would run laps around c2d chips.

  14. Custom UI Gamer says:

    Apple technicians – how slim do you want an i9 laptop to be…

    Tim Cook – Y E S

    • Legendary Carlos says:

      Not completely true, I think it’s more like
      Apple Marketing – how much slim do you want an i9 laptop to be

      Tim Cook – Yes

      Apple technicians – But…

      Tim Cook – I SAID YES.

  15. Just Noo says:

    “They’re slim, they’re lightweight”
    *shows the iMac G3*

  16. masterfully done says:

    I work selling cellphones and imo they don’t tolerate it in their iPhones because from my anecdotal experience people expect computers to lag but have meltdowns the second their phone hiccups once.

  17. Clifton Sawit says:

    The footage of the blowtorch frying the motherboard was painful to watch

  18. Corbin Lenning says:

    Yet people keep arguing with me when I say i9 processor are not good in laptops. You need really good cooling to get top performance and laptops don’t have that unless they are 20 pounds.

  19. costafilh0 says:

    Not magical!? They are making billions with unreal products! I call it magic!! Most ppl buy it because it’s Apple, some buy it because they need the software… it doesn’t metter… Apple don’t care about what is right, that’s why it is the most valuable company in the world! They would probably be out of business if they marketed theyr products fairly!

  20. Harbir Singh says:

    Now who’s going to explain this to the “less tech savvy” people? Many but they still cannot convince them.

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