Macy Gray- B.O.B (Official Music Video)

Macy Gray- B.O.B (Official Music Video)

Watch Macy Gray’s new music video for her song “B.O.B.”
Available on iTunes, Tuesday August 3rd

New album ‘The Way’ available now on iTunes:


Producer: Motion Army
Director/Editor: Dan Fusselman
Lead Animator: Ricky Aguirre
Character and Background Artist: Ricky Aguirre
Additional Animations by Dan Fusselman and Geoff Parker

Catch Macy on tour all year long!

August 2015
8/9 Richmond, VA – Richmond Jazz Fest
8/12 Nashville, TN – City Winery
8/13 Birmingham, AL – Work Play Theatre
8/14 Jackson, MS – Jackson Rhythm & Blues Fest
8/15 Baton Rouge, LA – Bell of Baton Rouge Casino
8/21 Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom
8/22 Temecula, CA – Champagne Jazz Series, Thronton Winery
8/23 Hollywood, CA – Hollywood Bowl Smooth Summer Jazz Fest
October 2015
10/10 Saratoga, CA – Mountain View Winery
November 2015
11/6 Bremerton, WA – Admiral Theatre
11/7 Kirkland, WA – Kirkland Performing Center
11/8 Portland, OR – Revolution Hall
11/10 Salt Lake City, UT – Liquid Joes
11/11 Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater
11/14 Mayetta, KS – Prairie Band Casino
11/18-11/19 Chicago, IL – City Winery
11/21 Hartford, CT – Infinity Hall
11/22 Washington D.C. – Howard Theater
11/23 Annapolis, MD – Rams Head On Stage
11/24-11/25 NY,NY – City Winery

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20 Responses

  1. Kay T 38 says:

    My new anthem!!! Being single is not bad after all. It’s not
    complicated…. Lol

  2. Sugar Chocolate Slim says:

    This is seriously incredible

  3. Randall Snyder, Jr. says:

    *Macy representing vibrating love!*

  4. thatcrazygalzoe says:

    Wtf did I just listen too like seriously ???? I love my baby bob 

  5. robertantonvlogs says:

    Is this some kinda parody song from Macy? or for a tv show?

  6. Nickm825 says:

    I thought this was a song by B.o.B called Macy Gray

  7. EmilyRose says:

    Wtf did I just watch

  8. Sasha32659 says:

    103 people used pickles and gave themselves yeast infections

  9. Reversed News says:

    Am i wrong or is this song about dildos?

  10. Katie Rogers says:

    Yep….single and LOVING it! Thanks for reminding me Macy!

  11. Marlene Rumeta says:

    hahahahaha lol not what i was expecting. now we are singing about
    vibrators!!! DEAD!

  12. happy04346 says:

    And we wonder why our kids are so screwed up… Parents go buy your kids a

  13. New Piano Tutorials says:

    B.o.B. the rapper has his head in his hands now, time for a name change !

  14. highlandcommando says:

    I hope this is not gonna start a trend. Like most people, l like this, but
    l dont wanna hear Bieber harping on about P.A.M the Flashlight.

  15. abe sudargo says:

    LOL B.O.B

  16. Aimee Hall says:

    lol i could’nt stop watching once i started, no idea it was gonna be about
    this 😀 XD

  17. Jakob says:

    this is a song about a vibrator?

  18. Matthew Downs says:

    Dumb ways to fap

  19. No Future00 says:

    This song does not have the recognition it very well deserves. Lmao I can
    see this being on the radio .

  20. RavenRune says:

    I love it! Catchy and fun.