Madden 21 | Official Reveal Trailer | PS4, Xbox One, PC

Madden 21 | Official Reveal Trailer | PS4, Xbox One, PC

Go All Out in Madden NFL 21 with innovative gameplay mechanics that offer advanced levels of control and inspire creativity on both sides of the ball. Feel all-out control with the new Skill Stick ball-carrier system, dominate the edge with fresh pass rush moves, experience more open-field realism with tackle improvements, and have more fun with user-controlled celebrations.

Pre-Order Madden NFL 21:
Play 3 days early with the MVP Edition beginning August 25, 2020, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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62 Responses

  1. Ethan Kahl says:

    Welcome to HB Stretch 21

  2. Joziah Johnson says:

    Great a reveal on how much they didn’t fix or change or add anything we wanted woohoo

  3. UnboxedTechPro says:

    Please fix these things EA

    – Bring Back Breaking the Huddles
    – Actually put effort into the face scans
    – Don’t make the run overpowered
    – Don’t have punters fill in for your Quarterback
    – Make ultimate team fun and stop making it a cash grabbing scheme
    – Fix Blocking
    – Improve Franchise
    – Build upon your career mode
    – Make the game more user controlled
    – Make the Game less animation dependent
    – Have the game have knowledge to calculate things
    – Add a better halftime show/show commentators like 2k
    – Add a pregame show/show commentators like 2k
    – Make players on the sidelines actually look real and not jump up and down, and point.
    -Make challenging plays actually work
    – Fix your servers
    – Touch up the fans a little
    – Make the game actually be optimized for the new consoles.
    -Add Cheerleaders
    -Add sideline reporters like 2k
    -Fix the ratings (your rating some players too low/too high)
    -Add team mascots
    -A little more equipment
    -Fix Madden pronouncing cyberface players names
    -Add some better rewards for winning the Super Bowl in franchise (Rings)/make the celebration a little bit better.
    -Add a nfl honors ceremony
    -Add getting the halas or Lamar hunt trophies when winning the afc or nfc championship
    -Add better Ultimate Team rewards
    -Add teams theme songs in the stadiums when the music is playing
    -Add actual fan noise from actual games not generic fans screaming and stuff
    -Add Coin Ross at the beginning of the game
    -Add Refs back
    -Make some abilities less overpowered/don’t make the game ability dependent
    -Bring back create a team
    -Add More Accessories (Mouth Guards, Necklaces)
    -Create a cleat/design your own cleat
    -Fix large game glitches
    -Add new Announcers
    -Playing with college teams
    -Create a stadium
    -Fix Quarterback speeds behind the line.
    -My field like 2k
    -Get rid of auto spike
    -Make long snappers a position
    -Create a play feature
    -More customizations
    -Add historic/All time teams in franchise mode
    -Add more promos to Ultimate Team
    -Make Aggressive catching more effective
    -Fix throwing animations
    -Make offensive linemen better
    -Add custom face scans to Madden like ufc (GameFace)
    -Defensive Awareness needs to be improved
    -Franchise should have a Player Personality Feature
    -Fix Defensive pursuit Angles
    -Physics based gang tackling
    -Fix the cpu swerving from left to right while in pursuit
    -Tone down X-Factors
    -Let us add X Factors to a player if we create a player
    -Let us add X Factors to different players in franchise
    -Add a radio show just like 2k at the end of a game
    -Add Tattoos
    -Make a neighborhood
    -Fix Running Back Speed begins the line
    -Make accelerating have the disadvantage of having less control
    -Fix the rate of fumbles (especially with Quarterbacks)
    -Bring back some old school playbooks
    -Fix the pause glitch
    -Make Realistic Draft
    -Add cultural differences between team fans
    -Play other positions in fact of the franchise
    -Bring back crowd noise that affects the game
    -Make the AI smarter so people can’t run the same play over and over
    -Add more commentators
    -Make madden cross platform playable
    -Add more levels to the gauntlet
    -Fix Linebackers
    -Add mouthpieces
    -Tone down fast QB (Lamar, Vick)
    -Let us earn MUT Cash through challenges
    -Fix no huddle
    -Add an edge rusher position
    -Punish cheaters

    And please, if you don’t like my ideas listen to RyanMoody he has been doing this for a long time and you guys still refuse to fix anything…

    And Guys tell me more things to add to the list if I forgot anything

  4. Mars98 says:

    Need a new franchise. Think it’s been mostly the same this whole console generation 🙄

    • Dre says:


    • gameboy says:

      Gus Curry haven’t played madden since madden 18 and this is why because they just half ass franchise mode which is gonna be the reason I buy this game, if I do, and put more effort into MUT so they can get 11 year olds to spend their mom’s credit card money on packs just to get an elite Patrick Mahomes and have to do the same thing next year

    • Nicoco says:

      It is supposed that in face of the franchise you will start from high school until you get to the NFL as a rookie and then you will only play as if it s your career in the NFL

    • King says:

      They arent putting effort into anything that isnt mut

    • Matthew Davis says:

      @Ryan 2 Dude the new franchise mode is gonna be sick – it’s coming just wait for the announcement on it!

  5. Corey Drennan says:

    EA: we have user controlled celebrations….best we can do

    • not even excluded says:

      Also EA: We also spent so much time putting a new scoreboard in the game. What else do you want from us?

    • Matthew Davis says:

      They have a pretty sweet franchise mode planned for M21 – wait’ll you see the announcement on that!

    • not even excluded says:

      @Matthew Davis if it’s not as in depth as madden 2005 then it’s not worth anybody’s time. All they gonna do is add only one or two things from previous games like they always do.

    • Kryptox says:

      @Matthew Davis how do you even know that?

    • Reg Wilkinson says:

      Wow FIFA has had user controlled celebrations for years

  6. james neshkoff says:

    when madden is late revealing their own trailer lol.

  7. Red Panda Channel says:

    Welcome to madden 20 but there’s a new soundtrack and Lamar Jackson is on the cover

  8. Legend Dairy says:

    EA: The pass rush will be awesome. Me: Too bad there will be no need for pass rush because everyone will just run the ball

  9. Skins 27 says:

    That’s it, so much for a “full reveal trailer”. That was ass 😂

  10. Trey Y says:

    Me before the trailer: oh cool maybe they’ll show Derrick Henry and finally fix his hair

    Madden 21 Trailer: shows Derrick Henry with the same stupid dreads everyone has like last game

  11. Kryptic Tripz says:

    So in this reveal trailer we learned: Madden 21 is confirmed. And nothing significant changed. Cool. Basically what we all expected.

  12. Jake Habib says:

    LOL Only EA would release a trailer with the exact same things we’ve had for the last 10 years branding it as new. Oh and we got better pass rush controls, which nobody cares about or asked for. yay!

    • DracoAce says:

      Jake Habib search up this game I found called Sunday rivals. It was made by one person in 2 months and it works better than madden

  13. I talk to the wind says:

    More proof the EA has no interest in actually trying to SIMULATE football.

    • Austin Jordan says:

      They sent the message loud and clear with these dumbass abilities that they don’t care about realistic football. Player ability should be based on ratings. That goes for 2k and their badges too

  14. N1ggyN1gglet says:

    So basically, they added the minor features that should have already been in the game to begin with and called it “revolutionary”😒😒😒😒

  15. JMAN says:


    Meanwhile at 0:08 you see Steelers Strong Safety Terrell Edmunds (#34) run around Lamar Jackson because of horribly programed defender A.I.

  16. Camron Toney says:

    I can’t wait until they add sweat to the fans in the stands, food vendors walking up and down the steps, lines for the bathrooms and other nonsense instead of fixing gameplay.
    Oh well, I guess another copy and paste game

  17. Chris J says:

    This is a joke. Garbage company and garbage game. Can everyone just boycott it this year please?

  18. Mike Oz says:

    Every year I have no expectations, every year I’m still disappointed.

  19. KennyV Highlights says:

    We know how Madden 20 can we get the trailer for Madden 21? Asking for a friend..

  20. Legend says:

    Madden players: “Give us something new!!!”

    EA: *Copy and Paste*

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