MADDEN 23 GAMEPLAY FIRST LOOK | TDBarrett v Cleff | Madden Championship Series

MADDEN 23 GAMEPLAY FIRST LOOK | TDBarrett v Cleff | Madden Championship Series

Exclusive first look at Madden ’23 gameplay, featuring @TDBarrett vs. @CleffTheGod of the Madden Championship Series. Watch the first official head-to-head game of the season with commentary from Madden game designer K.Spade

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0:00-0:40 Introduction
0:40-1:21 Free-Form Passing
1:21-2:08 Standup Tackling
2:08-2:36 Skill-Based Passing
2:36-2:57 Placement Passing Type
2:58-3:15 Placement & Accuracy Passing Type
3:16- 3:37 User Control on Offense
3:38-4:03 TDBarrett Scores vs Cleff 14-7
4:03-5:10 Zone Coverage (Match vs Default)
5:10-5:50 FieldSense Impact on Double-Team Tackles
5:50-6:20 Free-Form Passing
6:21-6:30 Cleff Scores vs TDBarrett 14-14
6:31-7:15 Cover 2 Invert
7:15-8:04 Defensive Playbook Adjustments
8:04-8:59 TDBarrett 3rd & Goal with 0:01 remaining in 1st Half
9:00-9:38 Defensive Evade
9:39-10:27 Drift Logic
10:28-11:08 Hit Everything (Standup Tackles)
11:09-11:34 Defensive Pressure vs Pocket Passing
11:35-11:43 Escape Artist Now X-Factor Ability
11:44-12:30 Escape Artist X-Factor Impact in MUT
12:31-13:03 Seam Routes in Madden ’23
13:04- 13:24 TDBarrett INT vs Cleff at Goal Line
13:25-14:01 TDBarrett 92-yard TD run vs Cleff 21-14
14:02-14:15 TDBarrett Peanut Punch Animation Fumble Recovery vs Cleff
14:16-14:54 TDBarrett Back Shoulder TD Throw vs Cleff
14:55-15:22 Cleff 93-yd TD return vs TDBarrett 28-21
15:23-15:55 Free-Form Passing
15:56-16:29 TDBarrett TD Pass vs Cleff 35-21
16:30-18:11 Biggest Changes in Madden ’23

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47 Responses


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  2. Rogue and Dan says:

    This looks really good honestly. I’m still concerned about offensive lineman’s reaction animations, but this is a good step in the right direction

    • Christopher X says:

      @William Ruffin 😂 Don’t forget the invisible referees too 😂 That pop up outta of nowhere too 😂 You may have to purchase penalties being called in this game too. Because they rarely happen 😂 .. EA want’s customers to buy penalties in madden 24 next year😂

    • Christopher X says:

      @Scott Short 😂 You’ll be typing the same thing next year too 😂

    • Christopher X says:

      @Elijah Armstrong He’s not blocking because he want’s to be cut or traded to another team 😂

    • William Ruffin says:

      How is this a good step in the right direction. The game look and played the same as last year correction like all madden games. The defense is terrible, the cornerback can’t cover any receivers

    • Baby Yoda says:

      Oh the lies you tell yourself

  3. PJ Havoc says:

    I want awareness to be a thing for my OL and DBs. Makes no sense they still stand there and let rushers go thru for the sack. Also makes no sense my defenders don’t react to repeated plays. Gotta make those aspects of the game a little more realistic because we can’t have these be happening and make the virtual players look like complete idiots!

    • David Alberty says:

      Cover 3 still broken lol

    • Donnie S says:

      This is an adjustment based game wit you vs your opponent. You can’t expect a.i. to get you W’s and make stops for you, make adjustments and get a stop. I do agree that the oline still dumbing out is a major issue though.

    • abraham konan says:

      If someone running the same play make the adjustment. Sound lazy but everything else I agree with

    • Kyle Smoak says:

      I was thinking the same thing. The Center just lets the linebacker sack his QB on 9:08.

    • John Doe says:

      This, since it’s not possible to control 11 players all at once for people who run the same play 2368 times in a row, but not one player on D recognizes anything.

  4. fangman21 says:

    I dunno man. Even in the first 2 minutes (2:25 mark) I’m seeing the deep zone defender just backpedal into nothing while the receiver runs right beside him. I know you can’t have everyone be perfect and in the real NFL players mess up or don’t see everything or have breakdowns, but it seems to be the same old logic of just dropping into the zone instead of reading the route like EA is claiming they’ve fixed.

    • Jamal Murray #BlueArrow #MileHighBasketball says:

      Shouldn’t have called cover 3

    • Cash Tatum says:

      Yea the deep zones are still broken this showed that

    • Kaden Davis says:

      Also I don’t know what the zone was but that mlb and the safety both rush to the flats under that corner, I don’t think 2 people need to cover him

    • omg a hoe says:

      Even on the part where they say “the corner back covers the cross, you can see the receiver is gonna be wide open right behind him because the middle third safety is trailing and reacting bad

    • EnlightenPanda says:

      Not defending madden but it was cover 3 and the user moved the safety that was supposed to play the inside. Definitely would’ve liked to see the db react way sooner to the throw/ route but he was doing his job I believe

  5. Tev Dennis says:

    I want to see more possession catches in the red zone where the receiver stays on his feet it looks corny to see a receiver make a wide open catch in the red zone doing a toe tap and then falling with nobody around. I I don’t mind when it’s a side line or a tight window but I hope they added some animations that keep them on their feet

    • Slim Hardaway says:

      @Fame 43 we gotta wait til ps6 to get that 😫

    • Black Tom Brady says:

      @Brian Conner it’s on them there’s no regular standing catch possession catches all go to the ground rac always focus on running after and spectacular is jumping with flair. It didn’t always be like that possession is supposed to be about focusing on securing the catch not going to the ground

    • Brian Conner says:

      Isn’t that on the user? My guys always stay standing unless I choose possession catch

    • Shanieka Konce says:

      @Fame 43 😭😭💯

    • Fame 43 says:

      EA needs to give it up they still haven’t learned how to create the men to be different shapes and sizes all the men built the same all they did was added 3 new features to madden 22 same game get them the hell outta here please NFL open up the licenses to allow other people to make a football game

  6. Burchy Gaming says:

    I knew everyone was capping the moment Cleff said Singletary won the break tackle because he was the bigger stronger player. 😂 Singletary is one of the smallest backs in the league… I’m a Bills fan

  7. STr8KasHomie says:

    Yo I see you Kspade… good to see one of the 2K OG’s doing well 🔥🔥

    • Christopher X says:

      Yeah Moonlight Swami tried it too. K Spade will go down in flames as well. If NFL 2 k had been allow to live. Madden would’ve been in the graveyard with NBA live. A long time ago.

  8. MwB Frosty says:

    Please let us get more in game footage for us to see the gameplay of both online play and franchise mode🙏

  9. Michael Waters says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I still see a lot of arcadeyness and less simulation. The safeties are still standing back too far, the defensive reaction is strictly kinda horrible, they’ve pumped up offense more than defense. Looks like 22 but with a little bit of changes.

  10. Jonah Hedges says:

    One of the best centers in the league just not reacting to a blitz……yes SO amazing

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