Madden 23 Official Reveal Trailer | Introducing FieldSENSE™

Madden 23 Official Reveal Trailer | Introducing FieldSENSE™

EA SPORTS Madden NFL 23 introduces the all-new FieldSENSE Gameplay System.
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Furthering John Madden’s vision of sharing “real” football, FieldSENSE provides the foundation for consistent ultra-realistic gameplay and equips players with more control at every position on PlayStation®5 and XBox Series X|S.

Madden NFL 23 available worldwide August 19, 2022

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41 Responses


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  2. Trav B says:

    I just want an actual intelligent defense that doesn’t just stand there as people use cheese plays

    • Leo Weber Jones says:

      @Pulsechain83 adjust

    • Saheem D says:

      Facts especially when they stand there when the QB scrambles or sometimes the ball hit the back of their jersey or head or when you score a touchdown and they run inside the walls or freeze like a Statue

    • T Dub says:

      You won’t get one with this EA franchise.

    • Chris Saling says:

      Or just don’t be a bot and learn how to play defense lol

    • REALenvizible says:

      1st quarter, 4th and 35 on your own 20. Two things will happen. 1. The player goes for it and converts, which is BS. 2. The player goes for it, incompletes the pass, then quits, which is a waste of my time. I don’t care if I lose, I just want to play a real simulated football game. Make going for these 4th and a prayer, when real teams wouldn’t do it harder to complete so people actually kick the ball.

  3. Trae Cox says:

    What would be nice in honor of John madden being the cover this year is that we get all the cool and good features from the 2000s madden games put in game

  4. DJ Skandalous says:

    Thank you John Madden for so many memories both on TV and in the game throughout childhoods. 🙏🏽

  5. Cassius Saldana says:

    Cool. I see a lot of the exact same animations like the receivers coming off the line against the corner in press-man situations. Expecting the same exact game this year.

  6. Joseph Iovine says:

    There is no one better in the business than EA at repackaging and marketing things that have already been in the game and selling them as new and revolutionary. It’s honestly impressive.

  7. Douglas Hearon says:

    Trailers always get you hyped and ready to go out and purchase with snippets on what the community has been asking for like more control and less animations. I’m wait and see at this point. It’s been two years since I played virtual football and would love to get back on the sticks but if it ain’t right and the feedback I get from people I trust is bad I will stay locked and loaded on only 2k for another year.

    • T Dub says:

      It’s the same game as before. They’re just profiting off Madden’s death by putting him on the cover.

    • NB Productions says:

      He’s not talking about NBA2k he is talking about the old 2k NFL2k5 which has no ultimate team amazing gameplay and a good franchise mode. Just download a mod and you get current rosters just like that.

    • 65firered says:

      Honestly, 2K isn’t any better than EA, sports fans are getting screwed from every direction.

    • Brandon Holloway says:

      @AK I agree with the greed but not the game itself. It has problems but animation and gameplay wise. Light years ahead of madden and anything EA offers.

    • Keedak says:

      @0 to 60 Life LV whats do good ab it

  8. Pedo Bear says:

    Imagine if they honored John Madden by producing a game that didn’t look exactly like the previous 5-7 Madden games.

  9. AZCardinals says:

    At least they nailed the cover star

    Everything else, it’s a wait-and-see deal but more than likely to disappoint once the game is released.

  10. Louis Bishop says:

    Madden 18 looks sick this year 👌

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