Madden NFL 16 | Official First Look Trailer | Be The Playmaker

Madden NFL 16 | Official First Look Trailer | Be The Playmaker

Prepare to Be the Playmaker in Madden NFL 16 – In stores August 25th!
Madden 16 Features:
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18 Responses

  1. Ryno2487 says:

    Will they ever add new animations? Or accessories like arm sleeves or new
    cleats? Been the same for the last 3 years

  2. Brandon Brims says:

    That whip was ass

  3. Madden Goat says:

    Watch our videos cute little potatoes

  4. Darren Handy says:

    Xbox one friends needed add me: DarrenHandy66

  5. Joe Congdon says:

    EA running from what the public really wants yet laughing as they go to the
    bank because no one else can use the team logos and the players likeness.
    Give me a blank check and I would make a football game you would not want
    to put down. 

  6. hol man says:

    Lets boycott this game and get a better product out of them I am not buying
    your game for sure now

  7. EaSy Tehxick says:

    Is victor Cruz gonna be in this game?

  8. GunnaPanda says:

    I hope they stop developing for the old console generation very soon. 

  9. Matthew Richardson says:

    Hey, EA… remember when you could design your own plays in the Madden you
    released like a decade ago (and was in head coach 09′)? How about you stop
    stripping features and adding microtransactions to your game and put that
    back in? Dicks.

  10. Bryce Williams says:

    i just have to ask can u pleaseeeeee put team up back in i loved it

  11. Trey Gregg says:

    OK cool madden you added another new mechanic into your game we get it
    Hey I’ve got an idea make it fucking work this time damn
    And please make you game consistent
    Shit is it that hard

  12. Robert Belton says:

    Can they please make this game realistic no arcade bullshit!

  13. Ajay Bandagonda says:

    They fucked up the whip tho

  14. Darien Norman says:

    everyone says the graphics look the same or the graphics don’t look good.
    The graphics are pretty dope and there is only so much you can do on
    current consoles. Madden’s issues are not graphics but gameplay. I would
    rather have a polished, seamless game that represents football than to have
    good graphics. Madden fails at this in a big way. Look at how the ball zips
    towards OBJ’s hand for the catch animation , these types of things is the
    reason why Madden fails. Get it together EA ! PS. EA don’t mess up
    Battlefront , delay the game if needed but don’t half a** it.

  15. DonnieSamba74 says:

    Hurry up and lose the license. 

  16. junior silva says:

    Check out the +EA SPORTS​ Madden 16 trailer #nfl +Bleedbigblue​ #nyg

  17. jameskevinemma says:

    Think they’ll have a deflatball mode

  18. J Zeigler says:

    the nfl has become so thug it’s ridiculous, they’re even adding this hood
    rat music to the trailers now