Something new to love on Oct. 4. Get in the know at https://madeby.google.com/

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20 Responses

  1. I am Groot says:

    I am Groot

  2. Pranav Tiwari says:

    Starts at 25:35
    Thank me later!

  3. Farhana Jhuma says:

    Google has a channel I never knew that

  4. Tim Kuipers says:

    I was so excited but the $650 starting price is insane.
    Google thinks they can compete with Apple and Samsung but they simply
    can’t. The only reason why the Nexus 4 and 5 were so successful was their
    price, the Nexus 6 was a flop because of its price (also because of its
    No one is gonna buy this phone when the Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge) is better
    in pretty much all aspects other than software and performance and that for
    a more affordable price.

  5. Xeno Tone says:

    £819 for the 5.5″ 128gb version…yeaaaaaaah NO.

  6. Felipe Luiz Dickmann says:

    somebody will lose 25 minutes of his life!

  7. Rocker says:

    I just bought an iPhone 7 Plus and I see this. Still love my iPhone though.

  8. 香港记者 says:

    49:34 does he said want to or went to?

  9. sta5812 says:

    Google just wasted my precious 26 mins.. Damn you Google.. I am going Back
    to iphone

  10. Inderjit Singh says:

    google keeps on announcing new stuff after weeks of I buying previous

  11. solidn6 says:

    Wow Google being such a big company they couldn’t even afford a decent

  12. mohammed faraaz says:

    Not an Apple fan boy! But, why does this “new” phone looks like iPhone with
    3.5mm headphone jack!?!?

  13. Bilal Awan says:

    a small mistake in sending the message to lisa “went” instead of “Wanna”

  14. Dani Plays says:

    Dayum Apple got roasted so many times! Looool

  15. John Smith says:

    Google is turning into Apple, simplistic overpriced products.

  16. Jimmy Derek says:

    It has a headphone jack lol and they still had space to fit all the tech

  17. Kôito says:


  18. United States of Embarrassment says:

    lol those prices are ridiculous, I predict this will be the first and last
    phone google ever makes in house

  19. Zeeshan Muhammad says:

    *Video starts at **25:35** , key-note starts at **27:55*

  20. BullyIsHere says:

    Can this show us classified emails ? *looks at Hillary*