Madonna – Bitch I’m Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj

Madonna – Bitch I’m Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj

REBEL HEART album featuring “Living For Love,” “Ghosttown,” & “Bitch I’m Madonna” out now.
”Rebel Heart could be Madge’s best album since 1998’s Ray of Light.” – People Magazine
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Bitch I’m Madonna Remixes EP
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20 Responses

  1. Dani Tyson says:

    I respected her with her previous works…but now she’s trying way to hard
    and it’s just annoying :/

  2. Louis Ridgewell says:

    Respect to Madonna doe…

  3. Abby Sandlin says:

    Bitch she’s Madonna !! She looks 30 

  4. TheBozexMehTBM says:

    *What the heck is this?*

  5. Nicola zanetti says:

    Kanye west che fa il bubusettete ahahaha

  6. Joe Piz says:

    i don’t even understand how Madonna can make awful songs like this one !!!
    Ghosttown was so beautiful !!

  7. mustafa muhammed says:

    The real REDUCTIVE is madonna … do u know why??
    Madonna has paid out an estimate of $6M to several different artists after
    being sued for plagiarism on multiple occasions.

  8. beckiebenoit40 says:


  9. Aliyah Zoe says:

    this is so bad

  10. Makayla Wallace says:

    Barbz supporting!!

  11. Stanford Young says:

    And Kanye west 

  12. TheLeon181 says:

    Go hard or go home bitch

  13. Bloodbathian says:

    She’s desperate more than Britney.

  14. OG King says:

    Bitch Im King.Will

  15. ScarKitty says:

    I have to say that… Nicki Minaj saved this song.

  16. Kayla Morton says:

    I liked her years ago, when she was herself! Not the past couple years 

  17. larebe74 says:

    Madonna doesn’t have to prove anything!!
    She is the Queen!
    She can do whatever she wants!
    By her own right!!

  18. ClassicGameFire says:

    You guys notice how when nicki minaj is featured in a song shes never
    actually there in the Music video shes either projected there(Hey Mama) or
    like this on a tv

  19. LaTosha Gresham says:

    I only watched this to see Beyonce 

  20. Jorky Benítez says:

    Go Hard or Go Home… BITCHES!! Fuck Yeah!
    Love you +Madonna!! I give you ❤❤❤❤❤ #RebelHearts