Madonna – Living For Love

Madonna – Living For Love

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19 Responses

  1. Salvador Suárez says:

    Vaya, hasta que hace un gran trabajo después de tantos años de no mostrar
    algo realmente bueno. Me encantó 

  2. Ángela María says:

    Buena canción, pero más que eso, el video

  3. faaaduma says:

    As i was going to her old videos i saw this by accident. A pleasant surpise
    i might say..:)

  4. kerberospanzer says:

    See, I was right, your 50’s is now prime age. Madonna still has at least
    another 40 years to go.

  5. whenmadonnacalls says:

    Bravo! She came, she saw, she slayed…..

  6. Arthur Freeman says:

    Didn’t realize she was still alive.

  7. Ahmad Al Duwek says:

    Fucking incredible.

  8. adrian rios says:

    Glad this is the new single. I was afraid bitch I’m Madonna was going to be
    the lead and honestly that song isn’t anything special. I know this
    probably won’t be on the radio or anything but it’s still a really good

  9. adrian rios says:

    All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus

  10. Ibraim Clira says:

    the best Madonna.

  11. Nick Jean says:

    This woman is incredible. I mean she spent more than 30 years in the music
    industry. Day after day she slayed everyone, every popstar at the moment,
    she truly knows how to do it. This woman is force and passion and that’s
    why she is the Queen of Pop. We’re living for Madonna! 

  12. Tony Alarcón says:

    This is real art, inspiration and passion. She is the Queen, she don’t need
    a pretentious stuff, original and classic Madonna and there she is giving
    us antoher ICONIC video, perfect and perfect choreography.

  13. Paul David says:

    Can’t wait for her Grammy performance!

  14. John Wihebrink says:

    The only way to tell how “relevant” some acts are these days has to do w
    concert ticket sales as CDs don’t sell like they used to since music is
    free nowadays. We’ll have to wait and see how this Rebel Heart rolls out.
    It must be said that for a 56 year old woman…plastic surgery or
    not…Madonna is remarkable. This video to me is okay…she’s done the bull
    fighting schtick in Take a Bow, You’ll See, cover of You Can Dance, etc but
    it’s not bad…. 

  15. Paige Outrage says:

    This is new

  16. sonix rey says:

    cool video but the song is ..dare i say it.. “reductive”. it just sounds
    way too familiar. 

  17. Dolfo Boynas says:

    She goes from ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ to ‘Bitch it’s Britney’

    Pure Gold…’Madonna you are ‘Golden’

  18. TRICK-OR TREAT says:

    MOE – DONNA !

  19. Anyelli Jimenez says:

    Madonna – Living For Love: