Maggie Rogers – Alaska

Maggie Rogers – Alaska

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Directed by Zia Anger

Director of Photography – Ashley Connor
Producer – Lizzie Shapiro
Choreographer – Monica Mirabile (FLUCT)
Dancers – Briana Archer, Zuri Marley, Talia Kirsh

Music video by Maggie Rogers performing Alaska. (C) 2016 Debay Sounds LLC under exclusive license to Capitol Records

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19 Responses

  1. Alek Big K says:

    beyond impress with this artist. Maggie, please keep working hard because
    you’ve got such a gift :)

  2. Christina Kim says:

    been waiting for this one. congrats, girl!! can’t wait to hear and see more

  3. jesscebula says:

    You go, girl! Awesome job! ??

  4. Johnzilla87 says:

    Awesome!!!! Cute video and definitely still loving this song.

  5. Dvo says:

    goosebumps when she starts bursting her move

  6. Konganut says:

    she got her own vevo without being signed, keep up the grind

  7. Shelli G says:

    I still love the song I gave this a thumbs up for that but the video is not
    my favorite. You’re the artist so I’m glad you were able to create what you
    envisioned to share with us.

  8. Kevin Vandy says:

    Can’t wait for the full album or EP. I loved your first two albums.

  9. Sophia J says:

    Before 1 Mill club. ?

  10. jonaswang79 says:

    Love your performance in it, Mags.

  11. Paul Helsby says:

    Love the use of colours, very vivid. fits the track perfectly. Well done,

  12. Leo says:

    The song that left Pharrell speechless

  13. kowalveli says:

    who is she ? only 1 video on her channel

  14. Lars van der Werf says:

    Love it. Love, love, love it. Hop on.

  15. Keifer Nuncio says:

    that falsetto got me feelin some type a way Maggie keep it up ;)

  16. RBGaming says:

    This shit is gonna get mad popular and I just wanna ride its coattails

  17. Bruno Ferrina says:

    you and i there’s air in between? gostei

  18. anke truyman says:

    Love itttt!!! You go girl!! Can’t wait for more….. fill my body and my
    soul with warm frizzelled chillzzzzz …. everything awakes…… thank

  19. Clara J says:

    love this so much.