Magic for Animal Shelter Dogs | TBS

Magic for Animal Shelter Dogs | TBS

Everyone deserves a little holiday cheer this time of year, so we decided to bring the magic of the holidays to these animal shelter dogs. Please visit your local animal shelter to help bring the magic of adoption to all animals.

John Stessel – Magician
Rob Bliss – Director

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Magic for Animal Shelter Dogs | TBS

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33 Responses

  1. elise says:

    love this

  2. Literal Cream says:

    Beautiful babies!

  3. Aetrion says:

    Cali is like “No! You made a pact with the devil, foul sorcerer!”

  4. Flyblackguy says:

    i’m not crying you are

  5. Virginia Espinoza says:

    Love this. But did they get their treats in the end??

  6. TzunSu says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for being a good person, the world needs more people like you. If you did nothing else today, at least you made a cold Swede smile 🙂

  7. Blake Griffins says:

    Who downvotes this? Not that it makes a difference, but still?!

    • no name says:

      +Milos Radenovic
      Yes they are, I own one and he’s one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever had. People like you should just shut the fuck. Stop trying to look smart, it doesn’t work if you’re stupid.

    • Brellie McC says:

      ?? cat lovers ??

      My point: Most YouTube vids have at least one down vote. Could be a legitimate by the book (urban dictionary ?) troll or just a dog hating cat lover. I love all animals but let’s face it if this was a cat video I bet this question wouldn’t be one of the most relatable ?

    • Stoli Fleming says:

      I’m gonna guess that some people are seeing this as teasing the dogs.

    • DigitalSongs says:

      Probably people afraid of magic

    • Mon O says:

      cause they are fucking ugly and killer dogs!

  8. Odin says:

    Cali – Nope dis dat magic im out of here

  9. Christina S says:

    This is fabulous!

  10. GUFFmaster97 says:

    You better have given them all treats afterwards!

  11. lookoutforthatninja says:

    Heckin good puppers

  12. FRANK 2000 says:


  13. uwu says:

    Gracie looks so sweet. I wish I could adopt her, but I already adopted a Pomeranian back in April. And I’m in England which doesn’t help.

  14. Chesh The Cat says:

    Lol Bebe was like “well this was a waste of time. Bye” lol

  15. Daniel Grant says:

    you better have gave them those treats, you monster!!!!

  16. Vincent says:

    Cali could smell demons at work.

  17. youmongrel says:

    The fact that 90% of these homeless dogs are pits or pit mixes should tell you something about the culture of people who are so into them.

    • Salaam Aalaykum says:

      youmongrel There’s nothing disgusting about what I said. It’s a fucking fact. I am a black person and we are treated like we are animals. People assume that we are all aggressive, violent, angry criminals. People assume the same about pitbulls. It was a factual comparison/analogy. Sit the fuck down.

    • SombyNox says:

      +kirksteel Because no other dog gets the same type of publicity as this dog. No other dog is used for fighting the way this dog is. So no shit you are going to hear more about THIS TYPE of dog. But stay ignorant please, gives the rest of us entertainment.

    • xoLoveTruelySucksxo says:

      +beardetmonkey i have a 3 year old Chihuahua, she’s well behaved for one but if she wants to she will get vicious. People think its cute when she’s like that because she’s small but I guarantee if it was any bigger breed they wouldn’t let me or my brothers near her.

    • Doctor GonZo 707 says:

      Or that a lot of dog owners have to choose between their pet and their next rental home, and most rentals specifically list pitbull/terrier mixes as not allowed.

    • youmongrel says:

      +Salaam Aalaykum LOL, “People assume that we are all aggressive… Sit the fuck down.” Hmmm ok.

  18. Squid SQuiddly says:

    AWW Frankles! 😀

  19. Rick Jackson says:

    Lol that chihuahua was like “No treat, why tf am I here then… bye”

  20. Myprivateyoutube says:

    This really is cool, but its disappointing to see the percentage of those dogs that are some kind of pit bull mix. Pitty owners need to step up and take care of their dogs. This is disheartening.

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