Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro review

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro review

Apple’s new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro makes it easy to turn a tablet into a laptop. But it’s expensive, heavy, and more limited than you might expect. Still, if you want to convert an iPad into a laptop, it’s the best option available.

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56 Responses

  1. The Verge says:

    Would you use the iPad Pro as a laptop?

    • Antwon Smallwood says:

      I’ve been doing so for 5 years now. It’s only going to be better now with the magic keyboard!

    • Elvin Muller says:

      No it is stil running iPad os and not Mac OS X iff they have A iPad Pro with Mac OS X than i Will gett one maybe

    • SHEEN PC says:

      No way… I’m using an iPad. It’s no where near a laptop to do work. The software and app functionalities are too limited. Even for basic word or excel work it’s not good compared to laptop/computer.

    • Rosie Godfrey says:

      @the verge as a matter of fact, i was thinking of giving it a go earlier

    • peteman1000 says:

      Yes, I do and have for years, but it’s not my only computer or my main computer–it’s just the portable one. My main computer is a Windows desktop at home.

  2. Alex Andrade says:

    Dieter is almost suffering for comparing Surface with a iPad hahaha

  3. Kurt Cariaga says:

    Thanks for the honest insight! Was 50/50 on getting the keyboard 😊

    • ronnor hgih says:

      Now what are you?

    • Kurt Cariaga says:

      ronnor hgih might wait for a 3rd-party keyboard with similar form/function. It looks really nice/premium tho. The price is quite steep, coming from someone living in the Philippines—could buy an iPhone SE for a family member/relative at that price 🤣

  4. Pokhraj Roy says:

    Shoutout to Herr Dieter’s cat making a casual cameo appearance.

  5. Lorenzo Godi says:

    I love my Surface Pro’s kickstand and Type Cover even more now.
    I’m just so disappointed that Windows 10 experience in tablet mode is so far behind iPadOS

    • Lorenzo Godi says:

      @Filip Trela Windows 8 UI & gestures had so much potential for tablets and 2in1 (also, it was pretty fast and smooth compared to Windows 10 which is still glitchy after five years). I’m not using my Surface as a tablet frequently anymore since Windows 10 release, I miss that.

    • Xion Pentagast says:

      Part of it is because its a full blown desktop os, it’s not a tablet os it has tablet functionality but it’s a literal desktop lv os. Ipad is isn’t it can do a great many things for 90 of the things you need to similar to chrome os.

    • Lorenzo Godi says:

      @Xion Pentagast That’s why I use Windows anyway.
      But, don’t forget that many things in iPadOS UI were already present in Windows 8 (I’m not talking about Apple copying Microsoft, just saying that they ended up to the same solutions).
      However, I’d be happy if Windows 10 started feeling faster and having smoother animations, that would make it acceptable on a touchscreen.

    • Filip Trela says:

      Lorenzo Godi exactly! And as for Windows being a desktop OS, Microsoft had a good idea to introduce tablet mode in Windows 10. It’s the execution that’s sub-par. A modern OS needs to be smooth and consistent, and Windows is a complete opposite of that in its current state. The design language of the apps is important too

    • Mark says:

      If only apple made a built in kickstand. But they don’t wanna be clowned for copying and they are obsessed with making thin devices, even though in this case it is making it heavier than a surface with it’s keyboard.

  6. ItWasTalent says:

    Dieter is incredibly charismatic and an incredible reviewer. Every review of him is a highlight for me on youtube, keep up the good work!

  7. Alex McCaffrey says:

    Ha ha hilarious and informative. Great unbiased review.

  8. Denis Shamray says:

    Eyeholes is how i call by eye thingies as well.

  9. Taariq Hassim says:

    Let’s hope Logitech brings their keyboard with trackpad to the iPad Pro, rather than just for the lower tier iPads

    • Mark says:

      Stuart Mills that’s for the lower tier iPads

    • Chris Jose says:

      @Mark cant work out why they wouldnt do it for the ipad pro tbh ???

    • Mark says:

      Chris Jose Logitech and apple seem to have some sort of partnership when it comes to iPads. Apple probably didn’t want competition for their Keyboard, at least not at launch. Logitech will probably be bringing something out for it later

    • Cleveland Terry says:

      Mark Logitech has always had an alternative to apples iPad keyboards. They just probably agreed to wait so they don’t steal shares from Apple but they will have one for the 11 and 12.9. You can pretty much guarantee. I have the original 11 keyboard case and it came out the same time as apples.

    • Scott Chiste says:

      Yesss, that is what I am waiting for

  10. Oldtypewriter says:

    I know this is a review for the keyboard but… his living room has cosy looking furniture, a warm interior design and nice plants. Haha.

    • VinothKumar Ganapathy says:

      Thats because it seems like he is living a condo which has less space so less thing to buy and decorating it wont be too costly. It may not be the same if you have a house. Most of them seems like IKEA based and IKEAs fits good in condo spaces than houses.

    • CesAlvz says:

      It’s Dieter, what did you expect

    • Diogenes o Sinopeus says:

      @VinothKumar Ganapathy we all live in condos nowadays unless you’re rich or in a ranch

    • Raymond jin says:

      I like how, with the quarantine that people probably had to clean/adjust their homes to make room for a space dedicated for videochat. I had to clean out my entire living room so people won’t think I live in a ratnest and it is quite interesting to see a glimpse of people’s homes outside of their online persona.

    • VinothKumar Ganapathy says:

      @Diogenes o Sinopeus Nobody is saying whether you have to be rich to have a setup like this. Its just my perspective on how one can have good interior design without wasting money.

  11. rjborelli says:

    Awesome review – Spot on on what the “IPAD IS” – ! Excellent – you nailed in!

  12. 02337755 says:

    I was hyped for this thing, but I use my Apple Pencil so much that this thing wouldn’t make sense.

    • OmegaMalkior says:

      Aria that defeats the purpose of the stand entirely when Logitech you get both purposes of being a more laptop feel + having a stand to draw. This design is flawed when others are better than it. Hopefully apple redesigns this in a future

    • Berenice says:

      Orlando Alexander agreed, not to mention the fingerprints and dirt that will get on the ipad

    • Dongfang Yan says:

      I felt like instead of developing a writing mode for this thing, Apple thinks they have solved this problem by making the keyboard super easy to detach, so when u are typing and all of a sudden need to use ur Apple Pencil, they basically expect u to rip the iPad off the keyboard to write/draw on it.

    • teachmehowtodoge says:

      The price to value and the removal of jack don’t make any sense.

    • Lynn Dennis says:

      Me too! 🤔

  13. Alexander Afgan says:

    I really really love that disclaimer: HEY! Don’t fight on iPad vs Surface Pro X 🤣🤣🤣

  14. y p says:

    when you saw the price. thats the time real magic happens😂😂😂

  15. Lifehacker says:

    0:15 – It ends up being little closer to your iholes.

  16. Samson Su says:

    How does it write w the pencil on that “floating” screen? I can’t see how writing on screen would work out given there’s practically no base support for the palm/pencil pressure.

  17. jack will says:

    For a keyboard that costs $350, I’d expect it to type itself…

  18. Cường Hut says:

    No one:
    Nobody, not even a single soul:

    5:42, The cat: Oh, really? Whatever, I don’t care.

  19. Whole Food Plant-Based Man says:

    6:12 That looks very uncomfortable.

  20. Jeric Cereno says:

    When I see Dieter doing the review, I always watch the whole thing.

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