Magic laughs at the idea of the Lakers trading LeBron | First Take

Magic laughs at the idea of the Lakers trading LeBron | First Take

Magic Johnson dismisses rumors about Los Angeles looking to trade LeBron James and explains how LeBron mentored Lonzo Ball when he joined the Lakers. (3:41) Magic speculates about where big-name free agents will land this summer.

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60 Responses

  1. King Reo says:

    Aww look at her trying to be relevant

    • Syl ThaDEAL says:

      She’s not though lol

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      look at her…that should be the only value she brings..shes hot…why does she speak?..we dont want her doing anything but looking good and posing and opening her blouse or legs or mouth when she doesnt speak….she is being paid to be eye candy yet she cant accept it

  2. LAR Rodriglu says:

    I love how Magic concludes by complimenting everyone… He can make anyone feel like they’ve know each other for years

  3. 414 Savage says:

    Can’t nobody say Stephen A. don’t be pulling strings.

  4. Shaq Attack says:

    Steven A Smith is the Lebron of ESPN. ????

  5. SCabreraM says:

    Magic pure class. Handled questions professionally and like always charmed his way throughout.

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      what I dont get is if the lakers just didnt go after ad in feb, and waited for the lottery kept zubac and then offered zubac hart ingram ball kuzma and the 4th pick and no one matched that deal ad is most likely a laker at some point in the next few months and then kawhi comes now we got ad bron kawhi..not sure who the other guys on the team would be but who cares with that big 3…im not saying for sure kawhi comes but la should of kept zubac and just waited and the pelicans may not be so mad at them and then bam with 1 year left on his deal and he says im not resigning then you trade him to la for all them assets..smdh….now you got zion jrue moore randle possibly still the 4th pick ingram kuzma ball hart zubac…thats a nice little team..

  6. Kagiso Chuene says:

    Stephen A Smith really is worth all that $10m he’s getting next season.

  7. Cash Chaser says:

    Damn, through everything, Magic is really still a stand up dude. Class Act ‼️

  8. Jordan Davis says:

    First Take blew Undisputed out the water with this

  9. Gilbert Lopez says:

    Molly really? you even interrupted magic? You got to go.

  10. Fev Ola says:

    Lakers-Backstab Magic
    Media-Hammers Magic
    Magic-just doesn’t stop smiling

  11. HerbertElayda says:

    ESPN, just upload the full interview goddammit.

  12. Donald Belmonte says:

    “Enough time about Zubac, can we talk about Lebron”

    ESPN in a nutshell

  13. EtelorveHc49 says:

    Molly: can I get two questions in?

    Everybody in there head: NOOOOOO

  14. 15aac says:

    “Fine I asked for two but you can go” just let magic talk God dammit???

  15. 21JulioJonesMahomes21 says:

    Magic what happened with the water boy?
    Magic: let me tell you, the guy is Special. Just Special. Coldest Gatorade in the League ?

  16. Stokey Jackson IV says:

    Mollys actually been pleasent since she’s come back from vacay a few weeks ago..

    And in this interview ..she’s starting to regress

  17. michael hogue says:

    Damn molly really interrupting MAGIC now smh ??‍♂️

    • Syl ThaDEAL says:

      She’s ridiculous. Too damn comfortable. But what do you expect when you force women in men spaces…

    • michael hogue says:

      I mean it’s not really a man woman thing cause Jenny from undisputed is awesome same with Jenna from first things first. I just think she includes her own agenda more than she should at the wrong times

  18. Kentwone D. Townsend says:

    Max was mad asf when Molly cut him off by saying, “Okay enough about Zubac let’s get back to LeBron” ?? @0:50

  19. He Man says:

    Stephen a smith secured the bag after this interview,set for life now,15 mill a year at least$$$$?????????

  20. Adrian Vicente says:

    As a LeBron fan, Im getting so hyped listening in what Magic is saying on this interview ?

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