Magic-Pistons altercation results in multiple ejections | NBA on ESPN

Magic-Pistons altercation results in multiple ejections | NBA on ESPN

Take a look at what happened after this altercation between Mo Wagner and Killian Hayes quickly escalated resulting in several ejections between the Orlando Magic and the Detroit Pistons.

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35 Responses

  1. 🤪 Sally says:

    Things that only happens in Detroit: “Stay In Your seats”

  2. Ryan Brewer says:

    That punch isn’t even legal on mma

  3. crazyvoice12 says:

    Not sure what Dwayne Casey was upset about. Hayes and Diablo threw hands so it should’ve been expected.

  4. Christian Forbes says:

    I can’t stand Wagner, I think he’s a punk. But to elbow a man in the back of the head when he can’t see it is straight up COWARDLY.

  5. Fred O says:

    “Stay in your seats” says John Mason. 18 years later and still scarred by the Malice at the Palace

  6. Mr. Adan says:

    Something about Detroit and brawls sounds familiar

  7. Jordan Larson says:

    “Nobody move. Nobody move. Stay in your seats. Do not move from your seats.” Only in Detroit 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. KCtv says:

    It was more fun when the fans use to join the fight

  9. Gary G says:

    Punching someone in the back of the head is crazy, you aren’t even allowed to do that in combat sports

  10. Matt Williams says:

    That Pistons PA announcer right away with the “do not move. Stay in your seats.” on repeat. This man remembers.

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