Magician Neil Henry proposes to his girlfriend with alphabetty spaghetti trick

Magician Neil Henry proposes to his girlfriend with alphabetty spaghetti trick

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20 Responses

  1. Kappa says:

    Damn, she’s way out of his league.
    What voodoo did that nigga do to get that grill?

  2. robbyjai says:

    the magics a bit shit to be honest his sleight of hand is so slow and shit
    you can see him holding something when he places his hands in his mouth to
    retrieve something. piss poor magic

  3. Sharath Koday says:

    Imagine if she said no, he wouldn’t have a problem disappearing from there.

  4. tawfik ahmed says:

    His shirt is not tucked in properly

  5. Christopher Nufio says:

    thats cute

  6. void likes cs:go says:

    they look like brass statues at the end

  7. Marcus Veeno says:

    I think this is how Modern Family started

  8. Nazmus Saquib (Nahid) says:

    that pick up line though

  9. FeralRubberDuckie says:


  10. TacticalLeo says:

    man his ears were bright red. what a couple and holy hell was that a smooth

  11. Connie Walls says:

    that was wonderful , loved it when she said “oh shit”.

  12. HUrtful Parsley says:

    loved it! XD

  13. zvolencan1 says:

    I have seen many proposals on YouTube, but this was one of the greatest and
    maybe because of the awesome looking couple got me for the first time a
    little bit teary. :)

  14. Everything There Is says:


  15. a says:

    If i ever marry
    I gonna propose in a magical manner

  16. Parker C says:

    How 2 get laid:
    Step 1. Become a magician

  17. Quan-Douglas Ubiquitous Sylvester The Eleventeenth says:

    Dis nigga smoother than Aunt Jemima’s nipples.

  18. 370H55V says:

    Whats the age gap? lol

  19. Craig Watkinson says:

    Fucking Swag!