Magician Shin Lim, ‘AGT’ Winner, Leaves Ellen Speechless

Magician Shin Lim, ‘AGT’ Winner, Leaves Ellen Speechless

Newly crowned “America’s Got Talent” winner Shin Lim left Ellen speechless after showing her an incredible card trick that will leave you speechless too!


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95 Responses

  1. Lalremruati Chhakchhuak says:

    Wow..really from India ❤️

  2. Darnia Taylor says:

    I 💜 Ellen’s facial expressions! 😂

  3. Sky Dalbah says:

    yes,he did *deserve to win* ! and i’m glad to see him on Ellen. been waiting👏❤️

  4. Houari FittVevo says:

    *Top or bottom* ? LMAO ihear that question a lot…

  5. Estella Gonzalez says:

    The top or bottom question had my Fujoshi brain working lol

    P.S he’s cute 🙊

  6. Coldclearblue says:

    The best magician so far.
    And i’ve seen them all!
    A well deserved win.
    Please be in the late night shows.
    Kimmel, Fallon and Corden!

  7. faviboy27 says:

    Haha 1:08 top or bottom

  8. Walambedabadubuda says:

    Finally a winner of AGT who is not a singer!

  9. Nitish Sandham says:

    He truly deserved to win AGT

  10. aesthet1cktm says:

    Top or Bottom? 😏💦 when your brain is already polluted. 😂🔫

  11. Janten Moto says:

    waiting for that expert who will explain how he did it 🙄

  12. Candace Anderson says:

    He looks like Michael Jackson.

  13. DimSumDeluxe says:

    If you watch closely at 2:30 you can clearly see that I have no clue what he was doing.

  14. So BonBon says:

    Collins Keys did that too, but Shin Lim did it with that freaking charming face of his that makes girls swoon that’s why he won AGT

  15. Randolph Cyrus says:

    Well I guess Ellen is a top then 😂😂 damn I love this guy ..

  16. Randolph Cyrus says:

    I would definitely smash this guy but first , top or bottom ? 😜

  17. Absorber says:

    The real magic happened when people thought smoke was gonna come out of his mouth but it didn’t.

  18. Donald Gorth says:

    The producers finally picked the right act to win….HE IS AMAZING

  19. Jacob Van Ness says:

    I’m glad he won. He deserves it.

  20. Ain Mahaa says:

    I just need to say this. He’s pretty cute😋

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