Magnitude 8.2 earthquake strikes Alaska, tsunami watch issued for US West Coast

Magnitude 8.2 earthquake strikes Alaska, tsunami watch issued for US West Coast

A tsunami warning has been issued after a magnitude 8.2 earthquake struck off the coast of Alaska.

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67 Responses

  1. Syed Nawazish Ali Zaidi says:

    8.2 OMG

  2. Spencer Kimball says:

    Well they got their distraction. Right on Q

  3. Screen Shotz says:

    There’s more disasters to come this year. There will be a great earthquake

  4. 畳山親父の助 says:

    Evacuate to a high place, quickly

  5. たあ坊 says:

    I am worried from Japan.

  6. Andy Ironhart says:

    I live in Alaska. we are fine. a few towns are being moved to higher ground for safety.

  7. Tina Carson says:

    Pray for all . Alaska, Canada, Vancouver, 8.2 earthquake. Father God help us all. Tsunami warning, and watch for the California coast too. Prayers People.

  8. ハマー・タドコロ says:

    I will pray for Alaska safety from Japan.

  9. Kaxx says:

    I can hear a shit ton of helicopters in west coast of San Diego

    • LUCKYLOVEJOY xoxo says:

      Kaxx I’m in San Diego to. Is that what that is?

    • autumnmariebronson says:

      I’ve been hearing a lot of loud jet-like noises, wasn’t sure but helicopter makes way more sense lmfao I’m in alaska, and this damn thing had me worried with all the warning text messages, i almost still want to evacuate just in case, I’ve seen what can happen in some of those crazy natural disaster footage and this was a strong, close to the top quake

  10. Aeon Jones says:

    Homer Alaska here…. running for high ground!

  11. Filipino Papi says:

    The end is near 😰

  12. Jeremy Orr says:

    I am in Eugene OR have family on the coast there heading to a friend’s place on higher ground god be with the west coast

  13. Ima whale4lifeu says:

    I live in Anchorage…..hope everyone is safe

  14. CHaOS Oblivion says:

    i hope we all are safe

  15. 리바이사랑 says:

    I hope there is no harm to Alaska
    -from south korea-

  16. Kieraun says:

    I live in alaska, (Eagle River) we are fine. ❤ be safe

  17. Yashua Haggerty says:

    Yo if I die from this damn tsunami all my shit goes to my animu waifu rem also if I die make into a meme that’s my dying wish 👌 💯
    P.s. I’ll take Christina Rome attending my funeral as well… Just saying..

  18. FishingHawaii 808 says:

    There was a tsunami watch for Hawaii but that has since been cancelled thank god but keeping my prayers for Alaska 🙏🏽

  19. Marc Ferry says:

    More proof we don’t live on a globe

  20. Robert Rogers says:

    Remember that earthquake that hit Mexico that was a 8.1 they had buildings falling over roads caving in people were real live dying. People are posting video of this earthquake they just got groceries falling all over the house and a fish tank rocking back a fourth it didn’t even fall over that’s not a 8.2 more like an 6.1. You have people say they ok it not that bad don’t let the fake news hype y’all up oh I forgot that’s their job.

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