Majid Jordan – My Love ft. Drake (Official Video)

Majid Jordan – My Love ft. Drake (Official Video)

My Love ft. Drake available now
Directed by Common Good

Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.

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20 Responses

  1. PapaGeorg10 says:

    I have ears just like this guy.

  2. G. The Professional says:

    +xoxxxoooxo wtf… really brah.. you giving up gems now

  3. michael bautista says:

    fire on and on

  4. Zee P says:

    My friend is hotter than yours.

  5. Raihanul Islam says:

    Anything with drake is a SHUTDOWN

  6. Mikey says:

    just in time for school. bumping through the whip non stop.

  7. AnniceJanaé says:

    Don’t really like the song. However, Drake’s lips got me like ??????
    Yes Papi!

  8. NastyCrazy90sBaby says:

    drake and 5 women are in room 15 at 1:23.

  9. Round Box says:


  10. Tia Burnett says:

    I love this song since it was on spotify on the release , Majid ? x Drake

  11. Julian 23 says:

    you know Majid wrote this song and hold on where going home , you should
    check your self .you obviously haven’t heard Majid Jordan’s ep

  12. Julian 23 says:

    Drake is auto tune Majid is a actual singer

  13. Julian 23 says:

    Drake sounds so metone in all his songs you should listen to a place like
    this and after hours Drake should be lucky that Majid Jordan helped produce
    hold on where going home single

  14. Marta Andrijanic says:

    Nice !

  15. Momar Wilson says:

    I ain’t gone lie, this shit catchy af ?

  16. thatsuya says:

    Drake comes on 2:37

  17. Mike Alvarado says:

    Lol he reminds me of that giraffe melman

  18. gagan shrestha says:

    Drake is killing me… he is the best

  19. CaapriceTube says:

    Drake ain’t feelin none of those white gyals, lolHe be thinking about
    Serena through the whole videoshoot, haha.I know his type: he likes, THICK,
    like stripper thick, Black or Mixed/Multiracial Women and older women, with

  20. TYZ matos says:

    I love Majid jordan! I can’t wait for their album and about
    drake..baeeeeeeeee s2