Buu was just different.
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31 Responses

  1. Throwback JTT says:

    I’m just gonna say, Buu is the Kirby of the roundtable. Doesn’t look like much compared to everyone else but is the most terrifying

  2. Roberto Blake says:

    Trevor Belmont next… man is such a menace that Vampires fear him, he ran Dracula’s pockets… and he smoked Death himself …

    • TreyStation64 says:

      You wanna know just how much of a Black Air Force menace Trevor is? He slid Dracula in the mouth and Drac, without flinching, says, “Ah. You must be the Belmont.”

    • J R says:

      And the disrespect peaked in 1999 with Julius Belmont, supposedly the ultimate Belmont. Literally shooked Castlevania so hard, Chaos itself felt it. The whole clan built different.

    • FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer says:

      Honestly, the Doom Slayer is more of a beast than Trevor, and the Slayer doesn’t have a animated adaption of his games

    • Xen N says:

      @Roy lmao no. Black airforce does not translate to “badass that I like”

      You’re right though Trevor doesn’t have it. Only person in the castlevania show that has forces is death.

  3. Oden D. Locke says:

    Somehow as a kid seeing all the “hero side” characters get turned into eggs and crushed or chocolate bars and eaten was questionably more disturbing than having them all just get blasted with ki. Truly emanated an aura of pure nonsensical chaos.

  4. Vexed Castle says:

    Not just anime, Buu is the biggest menace in all of fiction. He went to heaven just so he could beat the shit out of people he had already killed, what other character has done something even remotely *CLOSE* to that?!

    • Blender Beats says:

      lmfao 😭😭 you hate to see it

    • Mr. Goblin says:

      In terms of going to the afterlife to fight a mf? Seto Kaiba… I’m not kidding. Dark Side of Dimensions is literally “Kaiba is the CEO of Black Air Force Activity” the movie. He got his company to build a machine to access the after life just to duel the freaking pharaoh in person. Dude’s a menace beyond words. lol

    • Broomer52 says:

      The dude wasn’t even randomly selecting places either, he was going to every place that had strong energy. He was hunting down Goku and blowing up every planet that had someone remotely strong, then hopped over to Heaven because “theirs a lot of strong people here”

    • Andre says:

      @Metaphysicist buu is basically kirby

    • Metaphysicist says:


  5. Nelson Fofana says:

    The Pure Definition of “Wake up and choose violence” turned almost the whole DBZ Roster into Packs. No wonder why he’s the CEO of the BAF1 energy

  6. Ade117 says:

    Majin Buu gets a lot of hate, but I personally think he’s a really interesting villain. Fat Buu is so playful while being a menacing killer. Then you get a really unique moment with Buu’s good and evil side separating and Fat Buu vs. Evil Buu. Super Buu has an amazing introduction with making that one dude pop like a balloon and then killing almost all humans. Then, Kid Buu tops that by blowing up the Earth. I also love how Buu is defeated by everyone giving Goku their energy for the spirit bomb. It reminds me of how everyone worked together to take down Vegeta in the Saiyan saga. A nice way to tie the beginning and end of DBZ together.

    • Super Broly says:

      @We All Laugh Down Here who cares?

    • J.D. says:

      @Shining Darkness I doubt Toriyama would have written it like that if earth was just gone forever. It is “DRAGONBALL” after all

    • C says:

      @GrizzHimself nah bro maybe do something like GT, where you couldn’t use them no more cause of the shadow dragons, and from there it’s only up to goku jr and vegeta jr to defend the universe (After everyone else dies basically). 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Yadse wn Dé says:

      @We All Laugh Down Here nah Vegeta and Frieza def reduced. Such cool strong villains. Bullied out by plot.

    • Quicks Pp says:

      Buu isn’t really interesting is he , he’s just doing shit with no thought

  7. Filip Vadas says:

    Keep in mind that Buu CANONICALLY destroyed entire solar systems by sistematically destroying each planet one by one when he didn’t need to

    He could have just blown it all up in one blast (since we know Cell could do it at full power when he came back), but he chose to take his time

    The fact that Majin translates basically to “Demon God” couldn’t be more accurate

  8. Jerome Hopkins says:

    Fun fact. This whole arc was supposed to be a way Toriyama could officially end the series. First he wanted to end it at the Saiyan Saga as a 1 shot to give a perspective of adult Goku which is why he died. Again in the Frieza Arc which is why Goku was presumably dead. Again in the Cell Arc with Goku dead and Gohan taking up the mantle. In this Arc he was like, I’m going to make a villain so ridiculous nobody will want more (aka Fat Buu) but fans loved it. He continued it with Goku still dead and Gohan intended to be the end all be all Against Super Buu, but fans wanted Goku back so he found a way to write him back in the story as the main hero against Kid Buu

  9. AShineeStarlitInSomniac says:

    Kid buu still hands down the most terrifying dragon ball villain

  10. 𝓥𝔁𝓹𝓮 𝓔𝓭𝓲𝓽𝓼 says:

    The most disrespectful moment an anime history is when you realize Vegeta sacrificed himself for nothing

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