Major Hurricane Ida explosively intensifies overnight | GMA

Major Hurricane Ida explosively intensifies overnight | GMA

Ginger Zee tracks the storm, which is now expected to hit Louisiana with winds over 150 mph.

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44 Responses

  1. Sevi Regis says:

    Praying for all the people and animals in the affected region

  2. Diamond Segundo says:

    Please GOD watch over our friends and family in Louisiana.

    • Dinosaurus says:

      @RIghteous Stop being sadistic

    • Cat Marsolan says:

      @RIghteous 11th time you have harassed an entire state in this comment section. You are literally in every comment hating on Louisiana because a hurricane is coming. What happened to last year? Or did you do the same shit back then?

    • Cat Marsolan says:

      @Joseph O when is the last time you have actually been to Louisiana? Not everyone there is practicing Voodoo or witchcraft idiot. Do you even have a clue? Or do you judge because that is what the pedophiles in Hollywood have told you is happening? How dare you judge thy neighbor! How dare you wish horrible things on the innocent! How dare you hope bad things to happen to us! God will send His wrath upon you and the Lord will damn you for saying such hateful things towards His children! Go away! I hope you pray for forgiveness for hateful and vile thoughts you have for a whole state that isn’t even all Voodoo! BTW voodoo and witchcraft is all over the world, not just in New Orleans!

  3. Survivor says:

    OMG it’s huge my niece is in her first year at LSU we are all very concerned 😧 prayers to all of LA🙌🏻🙏🙏

  4. Aaron Miz Olette says:

    Sending prayers up for Louisiana. Stay safe and I’m praying for everyone of y’all.

  5. km says:

    People in the hurricane’s path–Get inland NOW and TAKE ALL YOUR ANIMALS THIS TIME!!!!

    • RIghteous says:

      @matt landry
      Do something about it, pusillanimous.

    • matt landry says:

      @RIghteous the only thing I’m gunna do is your mother sheeeeeesh

    • Elon Wario Musk says:

      @RIghteous woof woof

    • Cat Marsolan says:

      @RIghteous You have harassed about 10 people so far by wishing bad things upon an entire state and have made your own Karma way worse by doing so. I hope you realize that this is not the place to vent about you ex girlfriend who is from Louisiana who probably dumped you for being such an idiot!

  6. Aaron Carter says:

    I Truly Feel Sorry For All These People Living In Louisiana !!! This Is Heartbreaking !!! MY GOD

    • Peaches n Cake says:

      It’s a choice

    • Peaches n Cake says:

      @stndrds79 I think the alternative word is they’re not as progressive

    • Cat Marsolan says:

      @Mean Electricman Wow! You all believe anything Pedowood has said about our state. Lol I hate to break it to ya, but, witches and voodooist are all over. Pedophiles hate us down here so they have to make our city look like it only does witchcraft. Karma will hit you strong for that hatred.

    • Cat Marsolan says:

      @RIghteous God would not accept you wishing bad things on people you have never met. He will damn you for not loving thy neighbor as thy self. He will act against you for such hatred.

  7. Gmgb 4L says:

    Praying for everyone but plz dont not leave ur animals behind take them with u

    • NO NAME NEEDED says:

      @Aleisha Barnard only an evil person would leave THEIR pets behind. animals lives matter

    • blob gooll says:

      @RIghteous Why, because women don’t pay attention to you?

    • bchlovr says:

      Yes! Thank you!! 🙀🐈🦮🐖🐕‍🦺🐈‍⬛🦜

    • Cat Marsolan says:

      @RIghteous oh my goodness here you are AGAIN. This is you master plan to try and ruin people’s spirits? You must have such a lame life to be in every comment harassing people about a hurricane. A hurricane! You are actually harassing people about a hurricane! My goodness karma is about to hit you hard!

  8. FACEHUNTER504 DAT says:

    I hope we make it through this one safely.. prayers sent to everybody affected by Ida.

  9. Dahra Brofford says:

    Oh dear Lord, please be with these people. Please save their lives and their homes

  10. blluedragonfly says:

    My heart goes out to the people of Louisiana especially the hospital personnel who are dealing with a massive Covid outbreak, full hospitals and now this.

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