Make a Candle from an Apple in 1 Minute

Make a Candle from an Apple in 1 Minute

How to make a long-burning candle from an apple and some cooking oil. You will need an apple, vegetable or olive oil, some string/wick and a knife. Using these items we can make a nifty Christmas candle or an emergency candle for a power outage.

Pick yourself out a fine looking apple, and slowly cut a circle or square around the stem.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the apple stem as a wick, it just won’t stay lit.. so grab string or a wick.

Grab yourself some vegetable oil and pour it directly over the wick to fill up the apple. Make sure to leave some of the wick above the oil line or this simply won’t work at all.

Once the wick and oil are in place, get out a lighter and spark it up. If you did it right, it should stay lit for at least a couple hours depending on how much oil you have in inside.

A cool side note is that adding Lime Juice to the exposed apple will keep it looking fresh and prevent browning on the surface.


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20 Responses

  1. ollpu says:

    I would happily make it from “That kind of an Apple”

  2. dschonsie says:

    or you can just eat it

  3. BROWNIExHERE x says:

    gotta survive festively

  4. TheZévanator Spooky says:

    “We stuck with green and red to keep with the holiday theme”

    WHAT OTHER COLORS ARE U GONNA STICK WITH?!?!? Blue apples? Purple Apples?

  5. Berk Sunay says:

    Video starts at 00:00.
    Thank me later. ?

  6. Ashngoy Uchiha says:

    Why apple? Is there something in the apple supply the candle?

  7. Nykštukas says:

    instructions unclear got dick stuck in ceiling fan

  8. Anes Sadoon says:

    This is amazing

  9. Artforever says:

    For some reason when he scraped out the apple, it made me cringe! (So does
    the word “scrape” ??)

  10. Arcorn9000 says:

    Wait, there are different colours of apples?

  11. sky meow says:

    and the starving children in the world are still starving, while you burn
    food for the holidays.

  12. petden0 says:

    LOL, Macs are awful.

  13. Hans Olo says:

    So, the apple is just a random container and I could exchange it with every
    other item I find?
    Just fill it with a wick and oil.

  14. San Juan de Camarones DGO. says:

    now this the kina Apple I like…fuka iPhone lol

  15. TheNetrunner888 says:

    What a waste of food

  16. givememore4free says:

    I could just imagine stupid kids burning down their own homes now and
    blaming this video. Merry X-Mas.

  17. Peter Mark says:

    I just cut my penis off with your instructions

  18. Bachir Kajoua says:

    can you also do it with the iphone

  19. VEE727 says:

    Does the apple have any role in the burning process or is it just a
    container for oil?

  20. Ryan Jin says: