Make a Glowing Announcement Board

Make a Glowing Announcement Board

In today’s video we’re making a cool glowing brilliant board!

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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55 Responses

  1. Ameer Haikal says:

    This is awesome

  2. Berk The Savage says:

    Hello do something with oxygen

  3. Gamer Volt says:


  4. Armandt Venter says:

    Hi pleas try mixing gasoline and diesel together and seeing what happens

    I love you videos I’ve watched like all your videos

  5. Winter gaming white snow pual Molly says:

    I watched a video of yours how to make the pocket shooter I made one and it’s awesome

  6. Benny Kwan says:

    what happens if you drop a neodymium magnet into the foundry

  7. TTjay 123 says:

    What happens to Cheetos puffs or other chips in the vacuum chamber????

  8. Autumn Holt says:

    3 minutes late but I’m here

  9. deadshot says:

    It’s cool

  10. Forget It says:

    Im sure 60% of subcribers just watch it because its entertaining and never try it lol.

  11. Vignesha K says:

    Can you electrolysis molten salt to get get sodium metal and chlorine gas please

    • owen fulkerson says:

      Dominic Findlay the salt would need to be molten. If it solidifies, then the current won’t flow at all. The most practical way to do it would be the use carbon electrodes that could withstand the heat and preform the reaction in the furnace.

    • Lennard De guinto says:

      yeah, definitely… with the salt (NaCl) being aqueous can be easily obtained both Na and Cl by using electrolysis… but getting the chlorine gas to be collected needs some devices and machinery to be obtained. But it is easy to separate those two elements when they are not molten.
      BTW I think he suggests to use molten instead of the typical one just to make some different angle in using electrolysis

    • Hanen says:

      Try Cody’s lab or nurd rage

    • Hamish Baxter says:

      Vignesha K they already milked the check of of the molten salt vids but sounds cool

    • Hamish Baxter says:

      Vignesha K all these kids think their scientists

  12. Gameplayer Slovenia says:

    Who got the phone?

  13. Mr tabbyblox says:

    Make Thor’s hammer from Infinity War

  14. boy Cubey says:

    I think we need a intro?

  15. SpykiD Ley says:

    *Where there’s a drill*
    *There’s a way* xD

  16. Haven Wankerl says:

    The iron man skit killed me lol

  17. SDG Danny says:

    Totally going to try doing some neon thing with this sometime.

  18. Tyler Hockey says:

    U should make the infinity gauntlet cast and then cast a gummy gauntlet

  19. Frostacious says:

    LED strip is way easier. But what a amazing idea!

  20. a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming says:

    Didn’t realize a table saw has an angle feature

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