Make-A-Wish with Denell

Make-A-Wish with Denell

Yo wassup my flibbity-pibbities! I received the great honor of being able to fulfill Denell’s wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation! Denell has Leukemia with a bone marrow transplant scheduled for Thursday so please join me in wishing her the best of luck during this troubling time!

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20 Responses

  1. sugoishojo says:

    Good luck, Denell!!

  2. kenzie piper says:

    if i was every able to get the chance to hang out with markimoo and he
    playfully bashed on me i would throw it back at his cute face <3 SUCK IT

  3. sweetsapphy12 says:

    Good luck Denell, we’re all thinking of you

  4. Artepuff says:

    Good luck! :D

  5. Brian Bortner says:

    Best of luck! I went through aml leukemia and I know the pains and they are
    plentiful. I hope u live on a happy life from here.?

  6. Nancy Sepulveda says:

    +Markiplier Good Luck Denell ??????????☺

  7. Five Cobra says:

    Good luck dennell

  8. Tom Dovey says:

    We are the flibady-pibadys 😀 .Is that spelt right? i dont no :/

  9. Jayden Gibbs says:

    Good luck

  10. Tay2dance says:

    Happy Remembrance Day. Just watched to say. And good luck to her.

  11. TheDiamondEyes says:

    You heard it here today folks,don’t wish for Markiplier.

  12. XxDoodle OwlxX says:

    Good Luck Denell! I hope the best for you, you go girl!~~~

  13. zaytor gaming says:

    Which dragon ball game was that also wish u well for ur surgery Denell

  14. Harrison Weippert says:

    Hope you have a good surgery Denell

  15. Christina Nelson says:

    I had leukemia but I never got to make a wish. That makes me sad.

  16. Citanul Lunatic says:

    Best of wishes to you Denell, hope your surgery goes smoothly and without
    trouble. =^.^=

  17. Grace Angie says:

    Good Luck Denell!

  18. Justin Burnett says:

    Those 301 people who disliked it should go die in a fucking hole.

  19. alienated alien says:

    more like mark-a-wish

  20. Tank1057 says:

    people who would dislike… wow