Make Any Glove Work With a Touchscreen | DIY Gifts #1

Make Any Glove Work With a Touchscreen | DIY Gifts #1

Need a quick last minute gift idea? Make any glove work with a touchscreen! This will work with Android phones, iPhones, Tablets etc… All you need are a few basic items and you can turn your favorite pair of gloves into a touchscreen reactive set. You can obtain metallic thread in any arts/crafts section at large store. Will this scratch your screen? NO! It only contains trace amounts of metal and is soft.

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20 Responses

  1. Isabel Fernandez says:

    OR go to target and pay $3.50 for a pair of touch screen gloves

  2. T Fyre says:


  3. Alltime 5 says:

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  4. CitCat says:

    why not just rub thermal paste into the tip of the gloves finger, works
    much better than this

  5. Chloe Pedroza says:

    or you could just take off your gloves..

  6. 김태승 says:

    오 저 실은 어디서 살까

  7. Marwan Sharaiha says:

    just buy a Lumia!

  8. Абрахам says:

    won’t the metallic thread scratch the screen?

  9. Virgil R Garwood says:

    htc m9, super sensitive screen with “glove mode”. glove mode makes it so
    you don’t have to physically touch the screen, just interfere enough with
    the field around the glass. In a pair of leather welding gloves this
    translates to normal touch screen use.

  10. Jesus Ruelas says:

    just get a samsung… the end

  11. jordan glass says:

    To bad it’s like 80 degrees outside

  12. GMUSIK805 says:

    Would a dab of silicon glue on the tip of the finger work sort of like a

  13. Reyes Ortega says:

    or you could get a galaxy s5 n up n stop fuckin with apple

  14. Super Moderate says:

    The samsung galaxy s6 is designed to be used with gloves.. any gloves work

  15. Sichiweza Shula says:

    you should be pleased that it snows unlike here in Africa where we only
    receive rain.

  16. Tim Hammer says:

    or ya know…take the gloves off

  17. Sarunas Kubilius says:

    Good thing I have I Lumia, I works with gloves

  18. Bread2667 says:

    Or you can just fucking take off your gloves for 10 seconds!!

  19. John Kevin Villar says:

    poor I phone it doesn’t have a glove mode. for in expensive device and you
    still adjusting.

  20. JAMAJAM says:

    I’ll just take off my glove for those 3 seconds but thanks