Make This Folding Knife With Basic Tools

Make This Folding Knife With Basic Tools

Making a folding knife from a worn out saw blade and some scrap aluminum sheet. I used 3-1/4″ air gun nails as the pins and did all of the work on the knife by hand, using hand tools.

The wooden version:

Get the template for this knife in the build article on my website:

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20 Responses

  1. smellycat249 says:

    amazing you can make this with hand tools. i love these vids, you do great

  2. bwan47 says:

    very tidy nice one

  3. kaziklu79 says:

    Great job! Happy New Year!

  4. NorseMarauder says:

    awsome build :)

  5. pmenegatos says:

    Looks perfect. Nice job here.

  6. thomas smith says:

    Tha handle looks abit long for my taste but other than that it looks great

  7. Max Panov says:

    Metal-porn! ThankU!

  8. Celmar says:

    nice monacal video style, John.
    Keep on trucking !

  9. Santander Black says:

    Where is safety cover for the grinder. I guess You haven’t seen a spindle
    break since now.

  10. David Waelder says:

    Excellent!! New camera?

  11. дмитрий деревянкин says:

    опять принесли план, вид, и непонятно где программа или да будет свет
    великой антропологии

  12. Bruce A. Ulrich says:

    Beautiful! My 5 year old son was watching with me and he was fascinated.

  13. The Russian Woodworker says:

    Wow great video and great idea. I think I’ll also try this build. And the
    wooden knife is also awesome! Great job and keep up the amazing videos.

  14. M Kerna says:

    Would like to see a video on that forge.

  15. Flaming Games says:

    Looks like falchion knife.

  16. norm1124 says:

    Beautiful build, happy New year John.

  17. Tiit Saul says:

    nice lighting. I like the hole punch

  18. BlackBeardStutsy says:

    Very well done. Amongst other videos in this category, I really enjoyed
    this. Although you made it look easy, I know I have a way to go to do that
    kind of work.

  19. Garrett Hammers says:

    I love it John!Are you gonna do a follow up on the other channel?Thanks for
    the awesome content!

  20. TiTCHEN says:

    When I watched your wooden folding knife video I really wanted to make a
    metal one myself, thanks for making this, it looks great!