Make this the year YOU discover a new destination

Make this the year YOU discover a new destination

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19 Responses

  1. David Granados Lozano says:

    Make this the year YOU discover a new destination

    #bansky #Gaza #Freepalestine

  2. Nathan Zen says:

    war is war, dont want to live in poverty don’t go to war. Saudi Arabia is a
    perfect example of this. 

  3. foto2021 says:

    “If we wash our hands of the conflict between the powerful and the
    powerless we side with the powerful – we don’t remain neutral.”

  4. 0e0l7i says:

    maybe if hamas stopped shooting rockets into Israel and spending all their
    money on bombs and tunnels, then they’d actually have a great place to
    live. It starts with removing Hamas from their government, only then can
    Israel truly help. What you see is all thanks to Hamas.

  5. DevonThing says:

    I notice the pro-zionist fake accounts are all over this. Go mossad!

  6. Pierre DubJackstep says:

    Un grand artiste ! Merci Banksy !

  7. tigresuanl7882 says:

    So many fake accounts.

  8. Naoll MARY says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  9. michèle sato says:

    banksy in gaza

  10. Scytalh says:

    This is just a mirror Israel is waiting in the future.

  11. Sergio Bon says:

    If only everyone could just get along…

  12. Sónia Isidro says:

    “if we wash our hands of
    the conflict between the powerful
    and the powerless we side with
    the powerful – we don’t remain neutral”

  13. evsupp2011 . says:

    As you would expect, the Hasbara trolls are all over the comments. Always a
    sure sign that there is a universal and damning truth to be seen and heard.
    They venomously defend the indefensible, such is their conditioning, and
    they should be pitied for they too are victims of an inhumane ideology
    which paradoxically promotes racial superiority whilst struggling with most
    basic of human traits associated with any advanced civilisation, those of
    compassion, justice, fairness, equality and freedom. Political zionism is a
    cancer on mankind and needs to be eradicated. . 

  14. Esther Al-Athamna says:

    Thank´s man!!!! <3

  15. manhaes says:

    Holliday In Cambodja 21st century version.

  16. Nisn Ber says:

    Worth remembering some facts.

    Hamas abided strictly to the previous ceasefire reached after previous
    conflict in March 2012.

    It only started firing rockets at Israel after Israel’s provocation in the
    west bank, raiding and arresting hundreds of pro Hamas west bankers.

    Those famous ‘rockets’ killed a GRAND TOTAL of ONE PERSON civilian or
    combatant. Out of a total of more then 3,500 rockets one human (a foreign
    worker) was killed through the whole summer 2014 conflict! It’s ludicrous
    to cite those spectacularly ineffectual nonlethal ‘rockets’ as
    justification for the brutal assault that killed more then 1,500 Gaza

    Those terror tunnels built by Hamas ‘with the sole purpose of targeting
    Israeli civilians’ were used only to target IDF soldiers, even though Hamas
    had ample opportunity to kill civilians by way of the tunnels it clearly
    chose not to. Opting only to target IDF personnel after the Israeli
    military invaded the Gaza territory.

  17. 0v3nm4n says:

    loaded video, with skewed information. Nevertheless, this video is not
    about politics its about people. Yes, Israel has stopped allowing cement to
    go into Gaza, but that is because out of fear of HAMAS building more
    tunnels. HAMAS keeps putting the Palestinian money and resources into war;
    more tunnels means more conflict, and more conflict means more casualties.
    Israel does make it a pain to leave/enter Gaza but it is not impossible, it
    is just a defensive maneuver to prevent attacks on civilians. The only
    people interviewed and videotaped in this clip are Palestinian civilians
    (as far as we can tell), and not Israeli civilians because they are the
    only victims. Israeli Civilians and their structures are being compensated
    for because their government takes care of them. HAMAS does not take care
    of the Palestinians, it actually sacrifices them, robs them and trains them
    to continue to do its dirty work. 

  18. ghostDancerYT says:

    Make this the year YOU discover a new destination #banksy #Gaza #apartheid

  19. ירון ניסים מלו says:

    This movie wants to sell Gaza`s population as, completely full of
    “angels“ and believe: they are not! Most of them agree with their Hamas
    leaders purposes to destroy Israel. In the last war between Gaza and Israel
    they launched more than 4.000 rockets over Israelis and their cities. It`s
    a fact, Hamas doesn`t want peace and Till they change their point of view
    and start to respect Israel and Jewish people that live there … There is
    no choice! Always will be like that! Israelis think like that: “Between my
    son and my enemies` son, I prefer to save my son! Defend my family!“.