Make Way – stupid man

Make Way – stupid man

You better be on your guard when the Queens Guards are coming through, these guys aren’t stopping for anything!

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20 Responses

  1. stevebadal says:

    knock that fucking Boomer out of the way

  2. Maximus54545 says:

    Just fallover, break a leg, then proceed to sue them into space=profit.

    • Maximus54545 says:

      +AIIUserNamesInvalid Lack of common sense? Soldier just purposely rammed
      him. Thats assault.

  3. Tom Dixon says:

    My people need me!

  4. ll3MblEll says:


  5. Benoit Descary says:

    Photographer learns that the Queens Guards always have the right of way. 

  6. Night Moose says:


  7. Bryant Richards Jr. says:

    Photographer learns that the Queens Guards always have the right of way. 

  8. ulterior motive says:


  9. Luke Mallory says:

    To quote Kimi Raikkonen, ‘That wasn’t very nice.’

  10. loui828 says:

    lmafo… even if the guards were being dicks, everyone saw them coming,
    like they didn’t just appear out of thin air, so gtfo their way dude. some
    people are just so damn dumb.

  11. ServantOfPriss says:


  12. TheVJProduction says:


  13. Урванцев Григорий says:

    To be fair, I wouldn’t even get what he is screaming if it wasn’t in the

    But then, I wouldn’t stand in their way either

  14. ThoseWhoStayUofM says:

    Quick question: Do these clowns in costumes have any legal authority to
    trample a peaceful civilian solely because he was standing in the path that
    they arbitrarily chose to walk? I mean, who the fuck is a queen’s guard? It
    sounds like a job that they give to kids with downs that can’t find work
    anywhere else.

    And for that matter, who the fuck is the queen? She’s as noble as Kim
    Kardashian. I really don’t give a fuck about her or her fucking monkeys. If
    I saw this happen in my car, I would run each and every one of those guards
    over while laughing and yelling, “Make way!”

  15. DeathByCactus says:

    They are soldiers, not toys. Move or get moved.

  16. Alicia Behr says:

    This is from ludacris’ move bitch music video..

  17. Richie says:

    That was hillarious

  18. Richie says:

    Did it on purpose

  19. DeathMetalMosh says:

    Le Reddit Armie is here!!!!!! xD