Make Your Face Great Again Makeup Tutorial

Make Your Face Great Again Makeup Tutorial

Ready for the latest beauty trend? This trick will make your face great again! #Trumping

Watch more F-Comedy:

Starring and Written by:
Tess Paras (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

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20 Responses

  1. D3C3n50r says:

    Still can’t stump the Trump!

  2. Hope Nakaweesa says:

    This is brilliant!

  3. Hazel7878 says:

    So brilliantly funny!!..laughter’s just the medicine for the pain of
    moron-itis spreading. Could you please post a transcript to share so Drumpf
    supporters don’t accuse this video of being racist too? Love the sound
    bites & makes it v clear it’s not looks that are being mocked but bigoted

  4. katrine31 says:

    Trump is a hunk! This was brilliant! Shared it on Facebook

  5. Mamadollskie says:

    Now I know how to do my makeup this summer. Brilliant af!

  6. Danny Martinez says:

    You nailed his facial expression at the end xD

  7. Sher K says:

    2:46 THAT LOOK AT THE END. Killer. Fcking hilarious. Just the icing on this
    fantastic video.

  8. 100braindart says:

    ───────────────╚╝ Make America Great Again !!! USAUSAUSA

  9. moof skywalker says:

    you know its comedy because it says COMEDY in the top left of the video.
    otherwise you might not realize

  10. Lucia Pineda says:


  11. Carter says:

    Well I guess it’s okay to make fun of other people’s looks as long as
    they’re straight white men …

  12. Eman6462 says:

    Comedy Gold

  13. Gavin Mccool says:

    You forgot the hair?

  14. Alex says:


  15. Dionicio Baca says:

    Chapped anus hahahahahahhahahahahahahajaha I can’t stop laughing

  16. Supreet Sahoo says:

    Beyond the makeup the msg you deliver in the most subtle way is pure
    brilliant! I hope people get the sarcasm !! Well done you

  17. Anthony Garcia says:

    If you want to watch a more dope channel, watch mine! Thank you!

  18. Nicole Evans says:

    This is the best makeup tutorial ever! Can you do a Trump hair tutorial

  19. Crystal says:

    I bet that most of the people who hate trump don’t even watch the debates.
    They form their opinions based on stupid channels like this one

  20. robert cervacio says:

    Holy crap she looks like him at 1:41