Makeup Roulette ft. My Best Friends

Makeup Roulette ft. My Best Friends

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I invited over all of my best friends to play Makeup Roulette. Each friend
has 5 minutes to do part of my makeup routine without helping each other and in the end we see if they can create a finished look!


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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula

GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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51 Responses

  1. Destiny Ngata says:

    I am truly so happy to see you back sis
    I have noticed a huge change in your attitude but you also look happier and I LYSFM!

  2. Snow Flake 12 says:

    They just keep exposing Drew.
    “I’ve known all them *except Drew* …”
    “(Fart) *Drew!* “

  3. Taemaec says:

    Sister squad who? I oNlY kNoW tHe kItTy gIrLs.

  4. Ivan Cervera says:

    “oH mY gOd iM sO TaLeNteD” me after any minor and meaningless achievement

  5. Destiny Ngata says:

    To those saying he’s throwing shade to people buttt
    the kitty girls have been with him since the beginning and stuck out with him through all the tea…

  6. Unicorn Girl124 says:

    People are just mad bc James made one of the best comebacks in Youtube history and not hiding in the shadows

  7. Claire Wilcoxson says:

    I just tried the pink drink from Starbucks and it is literally amazing thanks for making it popular

  8. Ishan Ali says:

    Drew is like a cleaner version of Shane lol

  9. niah says:

    victor can match james’ foundation better than he can lmao

  10. Delia Palacios says:

    After everything he has been put through I’m happy that he has such a strong support system around him <3

  11. Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction says:

    James: *has six bffs*
    Me: *only friend is the demon in my head* ah…yeah thats life

  12. Sierra Nichole says:

    I love it how James friends are so loyal YOU BETTER KEEP THEM THRY LOVE YOU ❤️

  13. jimin gOt tO go GeT hIs jAmS bAcK fRom RM says:

    james: casually says “ when he was texting and driving at like 150 mph”


  14. Escape the night My version says:

    Good job James for putting all the drama behind you 😊 like sister spectacular ❤️❤️

  15. Laure’n #legit says:

    oh so these are the friends that never left James no matter all of the crap people have put him through. hopefully they will forever support you!!!

  16. Jade Pommier says:

    The fact that they’re loosing a bunch of time by just talking is giving me anxiety

  17. Dan Sullivan says:

    *The kitty girls: lets all wear hoodies and not tell Laura* 🤣😂

    ps: small *YouTuber* here 🙂

    • Stachys Pierre says:

      @Giselle Navel Gutierrez but it’s a different type of hoodie get it together

    • Levi Macmurphy says:

      ps nobody likes a sellout

    • candysweet434 says:

      Dan Sullivan i don’t get why these comments are so popular

    • Ella Szalkowski says:

      i love how you literally hated on james in your small youtube channel, then proceeded to watch james’s videos and promote yourself in the comment section.

    • Casey Greyson says:

      Dan Sullivan: *makes a video titled “James Charles is a disgrace” along with many other anti-James content*

      Also Dan Sullivan: *advertises YouTube channel on James’ channel*

      Not a good look for you sis

  18. Alexis Blair says:

    i wanna have a friendship like james & drew, they’re so adorable

  19. Janelle Bumgardner says:

    I love that james surrounds himself with beautiful people. It warms my heart💕💕💕

  20. Damara Dada says:

    James you are just such a beautiful person. Your my number one inspiration❤️ keep doing what your doing. ❤️

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